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    IKEA Kitchen Cabinets Review – Are they Worth the Hype?


    IKEA kitchen cabinets are marketed as the budget-friendly and durable  alternative to custom cabinetry. If you’re on a strict budget for your kitchen  renovation these attributes can sound like music to your ears. But before you  start marching toward your nearest IKEA on the basis of these claims, you  should consider what their clientele has to say. After all, their insider knowledge  of IKEA products is invaluable. Here are IKEA’s customers’ thoughts– taken  straight from their reviews.  



    IKEA Kitchen Cabinets Overview  


    IKEA is not Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited. No comment can,  therefore, be made on their trustworthiness or conduct by BBB standards. Their  BBB customer rating does, however, sit at 1.07/5, which is very low and not a  good indicator of their performance level.  

    IKEA kitchen cabinets are all ready-to-assemble and classified as in stock. There  are 25 different cabinet families or series, which are categorized according to  the type of materials that they are made from.  


    Ikea Kitchen Review  


    Price: IKEA kitchen cabinets extend from the prices of $75 – $1600.  Warranty: A five-year warranty exists for IKEA cabinets and fronts.  

    Construction: The general consensus in customer reviews about the  construction of IKEA kitchen cabinets is that they are well-built, but are of a  lower quality than custom cabinetry. The cabinet box of IKEA kitchen cabinets  is made from the combination of medium-density fibreboard (MDF) core and  melamine foil veneer, metal or glass, wood and MDF mix for the outer shell.  MDF is a highly affordable material, although it less durable than wood, not  easily amenable to screws and nails, highly permeable to water, and its dust emits VOCs like urea-formaldehyde.  

    Appearance/Texture: Most buyers express in their reviews that their IKEA  kitchen cabinets feel very solid. However, many customers indicate that they  had to purchase luxe hardware, state-the-art appliances, custom moldings, and  high-end countertops to make their IKEA cabinets appear more expensive. 

    Assembly Instructions: Multiple customers confess that they found the IKEA  method intimidating. The wordless assembly instructions turned out to be a  massive headache for novice DIYers, especially those who were alarmed by the  lack of words. Some reviews did, however, mention that they found the IKEA  how-to videos helpful.  

    Self-Assembly: The IKEA kitchen cabinet reviews in regard to installation are  split firmly down the middle. Half of their customer reviews insist that hiring a  professional cabinet installer is non-negotiable because it is such a complicated  process. Recruiting one of IKEA’s contractors will cost you from $89-$129 for a single cabinet’s installation or you can just hire your local contractor – it all ultimately depends on your budget.  

    The other half of IKEA’s reviewers declare that their RTA cabinets fitted  together smoothly and that their assembly was a breeze. This positive feedback,  however, tends to originate from ardent DIYers, who possess sufficient skills to handle basic power tools.  

    Delivery: Quit a lot of IKEA’s customer reviews indicate that their kitchen  cabinets were delivered within a seven-week time frame. However, the bulk of  reviews contain customer complaints regarding delivery delays, missing parts,  order cancellations, and unfulfilled deliveries.  

    Customer Service: IKEA has unfortunately developed a reputation for not  having the best customer service. According to customer reviews, some  branches don’t even answer their phones. An additional issue that consumers  have with IKEA, as they express in their reviews, is IKEA’s tendency to only  notify customers that items are out of stock once they’ve already been charged  and then failing to provide them with viable options.  




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