Our Story

A home is more than a place. It’s where families share the most special occasions and the smallest everyday moments.

No room in your home is put to the test of daily life like your kitchen and bathroom. That’s why quality matters. Back in the old country where our great-grandfather started his carpentry business, furniture was almost exclusively made by hand. Today, we’re an international business covering the US and Canada, but we uphold ourselves to the same standards of craftsmanship as we have for generations.

Quality Craftsmanship with European Roots

For 4 generations, our family have been crafting quality furniture for family homes, kitchens and bathrooms. The industry has changed a lot in that time, but so have we. What hasn’t changed is our dedication to an artisanal level of craftsmanship. Today, customers demand varied options, convenient shopping experiences, easy installation, and high quality at affordable prices. By adopting a contemporary online retail model, we can offer exactly that at 40-50% lower prices than brick and mortar furniture chains.

Still craftspeople doing the work

We have done a lot to make it easy to order cabinetry of the right dimensions online. However, the way our cabinets are made have not changed that much. We still use high quality materials, like solid hardwood doors, plywood frames and shelves, and solid construction methods.

Every cabinet is inspected for material defects before it is flat packed and shipped to you. We pride ourselves on offering the same level of dedicated to the craft as our great-grandfather did. Attention to detail is your guarantee that your new kitchen or bathroom will serve your family for many years to come.

Personalized service — online?

We offer you the same level of service as a physical store, just from the comfort of your home. A few years ago we discovered a hole in the market for cabinets. Many have experienced arriving at the furniture store just to find out they forgot to take one of the measurements. Or having to drive back home to take pictures so the salesperson could put together the right offer. Online retailers on the other hand, offer standardized dimensions that never fit perfectly to your kitchen or bathroom.

On our website, you can upload the exact measurements and photos directly from home. Your personal interior designer will contact you via phone or email to design your new kitchen or bathroom. The 1-on-1 contact ensures that you know exactly what you will get and how much it will cost. In 7-10 days, your new cabinets arrive flat packed, ready for quick and easy assembly.

Quality & Craftsmanship: Why our cabinets aren’t custom

To provide the highest possible quality at the best possible prices, we have opted for a “semi-custom” business model. That means our cabinets come in a wide range of dimensions to achieve a perfect fit to your space. However, we do not have the expense of full custom production. We don’t have to use MDF particle board or other cheap materials to keep prices down either. So you get a much better price on cabinets that look, feel, and perform like they were designed for your home.

Our Core Values

We are committed to the values that make us who we are.


A Nelson Cabinet has to be crafted to last a lifetime. We do not compromise on the quality of our materials or the construction of our cabinets. Every detail of the design and construction is thoroughly tested to ensure durability and performance that lives up to the Nelson name.


We believe it isn’t the quantity of customer service, but the quality that matters. We pride ourselves that interior designers have replaced pushy salespeople as your contact to our team. That means you get the advice you need and all the uninterrupted time you want to browse your options.


Great products and service can be achieve in unconventional ways. We fully embrace technology as long as it allows us to offer premium quality cabinetry at affordable prices. Instead of innovating for the sake of innovation, we seek intelligent solutions that helps us fulfill our mission.


From the moment you first visit our website, over designing your new kitchen, to assembling it, your experience should be simple. We have removed all unnecessary options, so you simply get solutions that work.

+15,000 Happy Families Own Nelson Cabinets

No two families are the same, neither are their homes. Our designers have helped over 15,000 families in the US and Canada design their dream kitchen or bathroom. With modular cabinetry in a wide range of dimensions, we can help you customize a storage solution that fits your home, lifestyle and needs. Because you should not fit into your home, your home should fit you.

Try our 3D Kitchen Designer

Limited Lifetime Warranty

When we promise that your new kitchen or bathroom will last the rest of your life, we mean it. All our cabinets are covered by our lifetime warranty against any defects in materials or workmanship as well as breakage under normal use. Your Nelson kitchen will be the last kitchen you’ll ever have to buy


As a family run business, we know that there are better places to spend quality time than furniture stores. There are things you would rather do than choose, pickup, and install cabinets. Our mission is to make the process as easy as possible, so you spend your time and money on the things you care about. Book a face-to-face consultation, and let a professional do the hard work designing your new kitchen. If you like the result, you can order it directly and save on your personalized designer cabinets.


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