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Important Kitchen Design Topics

When it comes to kitchen design, there are many topics to discuss. Kitchens aren’t something that is purchased easily and frequently. Designing a kitchen is a process, a project that needs the attention of a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. We at Nelson Cabinetry, understand that this is serious work, so we’re doing our best to help you understand it and get the best results. Today, we’re talking about essential topics that need to be covered when remodeling a kitchen. These topics are your personal style, your budget, the functionality of the new kitchen, and the materials you use. 




Your style defines who you are. It’s closely related to you as a person, and you want your home to feel like you, and not somebody else. Your wishes are the most important thing in remodeling, whether they go well with the styles you want or not. Many people lose their authenticity while designing because they think they’ll feel better if they design like famous designers said they should. Paying a designer to tell you their opinion is a bit outdated and overrated because all they can do for you is tell you which trends are in right now. And be honest, do you really need to follow trends?


Maybe it’s better if you did your research yourself, picked things you liked the most, and combined them with the knowledge you gained in your research. Combining your favorite style with your favorite decorations, or your dearest colors with timeless cabinetry. 


In Nelson Cabinetry’s blog, you’ll find every style that you can think of – and many more ideas. Find some inspiration on our Instagram or Pinterest and don’t forget to send us a pic!




This one is the most important topics after your personal style. It has to be established early to have a successful remodeling project. Before you start anything, create a budget for every corner of your new kitchen. By creating a budget, you’ll know where to head to instead of searching endless options. 


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When sticking to a budget, remember that not everything expensive is necessarily high-quality, and not everything that has lower prices is not good enough. Don’t be discouraged if your budget is small. You can start your remodel and do it in episodes and little projects. Remember to research your options, especially when it comes to cabinetry. Many retailers sell overpriced cabinets. 


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The third most important topic you need to consider is the overall functionality of your new kitchen. Of course, you want a beautiful kitchen, but what if it’s not functional? Is it a great or just a good space that is filled with random stuff? It’s important to plan your design thoroughly so you can enjoy the best and most of your new kitchen. 


Use Nelson Cabinetry’s free 3D kitchen design service to see how it will look when it’s done. It’s simple, it’s free and it’s working for you!




Last, but not least, are materials used in your kitchen. It all depends on your personal preference, really, but the more natural, the better. The materials you use will tie into the style, functionality, and budget of your kitchen. Materials are the language of space. They can play a key role in your home. Pay attention to your cabinets, countertops, and floors. These are the biggest surfaces in your kitchen, so you want them to be high-quality and long-lasting.



Many other important topics need to be discussed when you’re planning a remodel, such as decluttering, sizes, etc. But, it’s best to start with the main topics like style, budget, functionality, and materials. These are the classic topics that can be easily underestimated, but they can make big problems later. So when starting a kitchen remodel, think about your style, how much money you want to spend, will it be just beautiful, or both pretty and functional, as well as natural. 



For more information about these important topics, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@nelsonkb.com for a free consultation with our experts. Happy designing!


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