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5 Popular Cabinet Finishes You Need to Learn About Today

If you didn’t know, there’s more than one finish for cabinets out there, and you can choose what finish is the one you like the best. Also, think about which one is the best for your kitchen design.

Remember to always ask the company you bought your cabinets from about the finishes, and the touches you can get. But never underestimate the worth of researching the topic as well.

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Paint can give you more freedom when choosing colors. There are some rules to follow as well. For example, if you’re looking for an opaque color finish on your cabinets, paint can be applied both to cabinets’ frames and doors. Also, you have to know that different wood types will result in different looks when combined with paint. Lighter-grained wood types will usually have a smoother finish, while coarser grains can be slightly visible. Paint finishes are often completed with a glaze that’ll give a professional look. Painting cabinets can save you money and make your cabinets look unique. Keep in mind that paint doesn’t last forever, and will eventually chip or crack.

Laminate finish

This finish includes a thin layer of laminate on wood cabinets. This allows you to clean your cabinets using other chemicals and cleaning solutions. They are resistant to any type of harsh cleaning or scratches. The laminate finish is very durable and you don’t have to worry about denting them. They come both in gloss and matte finishes which can be very beneficial.

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Stain finish

This finish is perfect if you want to embrace the natural beauty of your wood cabinets. It also adds a beautiful finish color, and it comes in a variety of tones. Some are darker, and some are slightly lighter than others which is why it’s the best option if you like wood and a natural look. In the case of chipping, it’s fairly easy to touch up small areas of stain, while larger cracks will need re-sanding and a re-application of the stain. So, if you want to add some fresher color but keep the natural look of the cabinetry, stained cabinets might be what you’re looking for.

Glaze finish

Glazes on cabinets are meant to highlight the different profiled edges on cabinetry doors, moldings, and accent pieces. They can be applied over both cabinet stains and paint. You can choose between wet or dry types of glaze. If you opt for a wet glaze, then it will be sprayed over the entire cabinet door and should be then wiped off. The finish color is usually changed after the process. On the other hand, in the dry glazing process, the cabinet glaze is hand-applied only to the profiled areas. In this case, the color stays the same. Adding a glaze to your cabinets can also add depth and complexity. A glaze is a perfect choice if you want your cabinets to have that rustic, cottage feel. But, the downside is that they’re not easy to refinish and should be replaced if you decide to put your house on the market. Also, glazing is a premium finish that requires a lot of handworks, so it’s usually more expensive than other finishes.


Lacquer finish

If you want your cabinets to be more durable and glossy, we recommend adding a lacquer finish. This finish dries harder and is non-porous. Thus, it repels grease, stains, and other markings. The advantage is that lacquer makes cabinets easier to care for and clean. This finish can be also tinted to add extra color to your cabinets, coming in satin, semi-gloss, or glossy sheen. But keep in mind that they tend to yellow over time, which is another drawback.

Our cabinets’ features include a solid wood frame with a grade “A” plywood cabinet box, premium hinges, and easy assembly. Nelson Cabinetry’s wood base cabinets also come with finished cabinet sides and interior as well as a fully-finished toe kick.

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