Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Kitchen Contractor

  Your kitchen contractor is hired to do one job – remodel your kitchen. They should, therefore, be willing to answer any questions that you may have, no matter how many. It is normal to feel nervous and unsure about the ins and outs of remodeling your kitchen because you are not a professional after […]

Three Sustainability Tips for a More Eco-Friendly Kitchen

  With climate change having a potentially disastrous effect on the future of the earth – it is up to us humans to slow it down. You can start by incorporating eco-friendly measures into your kitchen renovation. Remodeling your kitchen may seem unrelated to global warming, but designing a sustainable kitchen can ultimately help to […]

9 Kitchen Soffit Decorating Ideas

  So your cabinets have been installed to great fanfare, but what to do about that dreaded soffit that makes your cabinets look as if they are cut off mid-air? A  kitchen soffit is known as an empty space where the ceiling and your kitchen cabinets don’t meet. Soffits are formed because while there is […]

8 Methods for Covering Existing Kitchen or Bath Countertops

  New countertops are a luxury that not everyone can afford. If you feel that your kitchen or bathroom countertops need an update, but your budget won’t allow a  complete replacement then consider investing in countertop covers. Kitchen or bath countertops are like magic, it’s like sprinkling fairy dust over your outdated counters and turning them […]

Ten Reasons Why People Like RTA Cabinets

  Gone are the days where you needed to be an expert in woodwork before you could assemble a ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinet. Contemporary RTA cabinets are constructed to appeal to a wide variety of homeowners that prioritize their spending habits but still desire good quality products. The surge in popularity  that RTA cabinetry has experienced […]

How Can I Design My Kitchen for Free?

  A kitchen remodel can be a project that seems thrilling in theory, but it can also be unnecessarily complicated depending on whether or not you know what  you’re doing. A well-designed kitchen can make cooking and hosting guests much easier than it looks and a kitchen designer can help you to achieve this. Most […]

Five Questions to Ask About RTA Cabinets

  If you’re on the market for new kitchen cabinets, then you’ve probably already  seen what’s on offer. But just browsing the various types of cabinetry available does not make you an expert. You have come across ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets during your search and think that they’re a good option – but how much do […]

15 Reasons Why You Should Fall in Love with Your Kitchen Cabinets

  Ah the kitchen, the heart of the home, as people like to say. Homeowners like yourself are always looking for ways to make your kitchen look better, or cater more usefully to the needs of the people who use it. Suitability is key, and you want your kitchen cabinets to fit into the home […]

How Long Does it Take to Ship Cabinets?

  “I want it all, and I want it now!” sang the youths of the 80s to Queen. Well, not much has changed since then especially when it comes to cabinetry. Lead times are a major point of contention for potential buyers – we want all of our cabinets, and we want them now! The […]

Five Common Misconceptions about Ordering Kitchen Cabinets Online

  As a homeowner, it is understandable if you are hesitant to order your kitchen cabinets online. While the Internet is a wealth of information, it can also spread misinformation, which makes it difficult to discern between fact and fiction. Unfortunately, buying kitchen cabinets online has been subject to  misinformation that has made potential buyers […]

Ten Things Nobody Tells You about Kitchen Cabinets

  Stepping into the world of kitchen cabinetry with no prior knowledge is not advisable. You will find yourself confused at the best and worst of times faced with terminology that you have never encountered before. Trying to find out little pieces of information here and there so that you can be somewhat prepared for […]

What is the Best Place to Buy Kitchen Cabinets: Online or in a Store?

  Online cabinet stores are a sign of the times. For our parents and grandparents before them, shopping at showrooms to buy their kitchen cabinets was the norm, but the dawn of e-commerce has changed the way that consumers interact with and purchase merchandise. This even applies to large items like kitchen cabinets that are […]

Should You Buy Kitchen Cabinets in Wholesale?

  Renovating your kitchen should be a joy, not a burden – especially when it  comes to choosing your kitchen cabinets. Unfortunately, money worries often  get the best of most homeowners as they struggle to make choices that fit their  budget requirements. Avoiding look at your rapidly reducing balance on your  bank statement should not […]

How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Take?

  A kitchen remodel is not just something that you decide to do on a whim – it  takes intensive planning and execution. While a shiny new kitchen is a  wonderful gift that anyone would be happy to receive, it is getting to that point  can be stressful and challenging. The timeline of a kitchen […]

Why You Should Buy Kitchen Cabinets Online

  Online shopping has become a worldwide phenomenon that is here to stay. There is nothing better than relaxing with a cup of coffee in hand, while  casually browsing your favorite stores. It can feel like you do not have a care in  the world, despite that pesky credit card limit. Regardless of their familiarity  […]

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