Three Things You Need to Know about Gray Kitchen Cabinets Today



Adaptable and timeless gray is a go-to color for many homeowners and interior designers. Because of its visual appeal for both furniture and decor, this favorite neutral color is a popular choice for kitchen cabinetry. Many homeowners are changing their white or wooden kitchens for gray kitchen cabinets. Gray kitchen cabinets can be either warm or cool in tone. This makes it easy to pair them with a variety of countertop materials, designs, and kitchen appliances. Gray works with nearly all kitchen styles and cabinet designs. If you are afraid that it might look boring, keep on reading.



1. Light or Dark


The perfect tone for your gray kitchen cabinets depends on your personal preference. It also has a bit to do with your kitchen’s characteristics. If your space is small or has limited natural light, avoid dark gray cabinets, because it could make it feel even smaller and darker. While light shades reflect light back into the room and make it brighter, deep colors absorb it. So, go for light gray cabinets in small spaces, and use dark gray shades to ground a larger room. Nelson Cabinetry offers you a collection of perfectly toned gray Shaker kitchen cabinets that will fit into your new kitchen whether it’s a smaller or larger space.


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2. Warm Colors


If you want to avoid having a kitchen with cool tones, spice up your gray cabinets with warm colors and materials. Most people avoid using this tone because they want their kitchen to feel warm and seem welcoming. Wood and bold accent colors like yellow are great for balancing out cool tones.  Mix and match, and take time to play around with different colors and materials. Create your own perfect gray-based kitchen. One thing is for sure—you can almost never go wrong when it comes to designing what matches your preferences the most.


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3. A mix of rustic and modern


If you are still concerned that a gray kitchen might look a little bit dull, a farmhouse style is a perfect way to steer clear of the mundane. Gray cabinets work very well with farmhouse style. You can add features such as rustic wood floating shelves. A farmhouse sink cabinet and classic white tile also add some farmhouse vibes. What is good about the farmhouse style is that you can do all the cabinets gray, with all the farmhouse touches complemented perfectly by a beautiful gray.


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Image Source: Pinterest



Try something different and explore the natural depth of gray-toned cabinets. Create yourself a unique kitchen that will be sure to win you plenty of compliments.

If you’re still not sure, ask for a free 3D design from Nelson Cabinetry and see for yourself how stunning gray cabinetry can be.

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