IKEA Custom Fronts vs Inexpensive RTA Cabinets

If you’re stuck deciding between custom IKEA fronts and inexpensive RTA  cabinets, we’re here to help make your decision easier. Since way back when  IKEA cabinets stormed on the cabinetry scene, they have dominated the discount cabinet market like no other. Home renovators have, however, that you can make your IKEA cabinets appear fancier using […]

Five Best Kitchen Backsplash Trends for 2021

If you’re looking to add extra oomph to your kitchen remodel, an interesting kitchen backsplash will do just that. The backsplash has evolved from a wall protectant to the centerpiece of a kitchen’s design. While tiles are often the material of choice for kitchen backsplashes, there is a wide selection of alternative finishes available. From […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Kitchen Color Schemes

With all the colors of the rainbow to choose from and more, is it any wonder that deciding on a color scheme for your kitchen can be absolutely overwhelming? From warm to cold colors tones, selecting the perfect hues for your kitchen is paramount to setting the ambiance for the space. The kitchen,  after all, […]

The 7 Electrical Circuits Every Kitchen Needs

While you may not be familiar with the ins and outs of electrical circuits,  remodeling your kitchen means that you need to start learning – and fast. If you live in a house from a bygone era your kitchen’s electrical layout may be outdated and not be equipped to provide power for the contemporary appliances […]

2021 Kitchen Cabinet Trends  

Kitchen cabinetry is one of the most underappreciated art forms. At its core, a  kitchen is a place where the occupants of the home gather to nourish both their bodies and souls with good food and companionship. To create the perfect ambiance to enjoy your meals and conversations, you need a perfectly designed kitchen. Kitchen […]

 Chrome vs Brushed Nickel vs Stainless Steel Kitchen Hardware 

Your to-do list for your kitchen remodel is long, but we are here to shorten it – starting with helping you select your kitchen hardware finishes. Do not panic if  you are overwhelmed by the many available options, as help is near. Let’s take  a look at the most in-demand kitchen hardware metals, namely: chrome,  […]

Types of Kitchen Sinks that will fit in a Sink Base 

Are you undecided about a kitchen sink? Then look no further than your base cabinet. The first step in selecting a kitchen sink style is to determine whether it will fit into your sink base. Next, determine the look and functionality of the kitchen sink. You ultimately want a type of kitchen sink that is […]

Pros and Cons Assembled Cabinets vs RTA Cabinets

The online cabinetry industry is booming and why not? Purchasing cabinets  from the comfort of your own home while not compromising on quality and  customer service has never been easier. If you have joined the long list of  consumers that have switched to online shopping, then the choice is yours to  make between preassembled or […]

What Are Dovetail Drawers and How Are They Constructed?

Drawers are a sought-after attribute in kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. Their popularity is mainly due to their provision of storage space, organization properties, and their fully extendable capability that makes difficult-to-reach areas more accessible. The quality of the construction of kitchen and bathroom drawers is the overarching determinant of its lifespan and functionality. There are […]

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Cabinet Materials for Your  Kitchen  

Your choice of cabinets is one of the most essential components of your kitchen’s design. With the right cabinets, you can achieve the look and workflow of your culinary dreams. Like any hard-working object, kitchen cabinets are likely to depreciate over time. However, your choice of kitchen cabinet materials can minimize the corrosive effects of their […]

Decisions, decisions! 

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

In this blog post, we explore the most common kitchen design dilemmas and the advantages and disadvantages of possible solutions.   Painting Kitchen Cabinets vs Replacing Painting your kitchen cabinets is one of the easiest kitchen upgrades there is, and it’s popular as a do-it-yourself project. You’ll want to consider replacing your cabinets if your […]

Mix and Match

Nelson Cabinetry Two Toned Kitchen

Making decisions for a kitchen remodel often involves finding out what works best together. There are never any right or wrong answers – it’s a very creative process that involves synchronizing all of your functional, aesthetic, and budgetary criteria. It can be stressful because of the costs involved, but there are so many resources available […]

We Answer Your Most Frequently-Asked Questions

In this series of blog posts, we answer the top questions about cabinetry and contemporary kitchen design. We have one post for each category: How, What, Why, Will, When, Where, Which, Can, Are, and Who. You can refer to our graphic to see how we’ve assigned each of the questions to a category. How… How […]

Measuring Your Kitchen for Cabinets

Floor Plan Designed in MSMV Design Software

In most kitchens, cabinets are the central feature, so it’s especially important to get them right. Be sure to measure your kitchen correctly so you get the perfect fit for your cabinets. Follow these three easy steps for measuring your kitchen and you’ll be ready to find the cabinets that work best for you.   […]

DIY Home Projects: Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The world of DIY is truly limitless. The idea of it is to save money while expressing your uniqueness and creativity. If you’re new to DIYing, it’s easy for projects to get out of hand. You can be armed with a library of how-to books, or YouTube video tutorials, but HOLD UP, because we got […]

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