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    What Items To Showcase in Your Kitchen


    Your kitchen isn’t just functional—it can be a work of art on its own or serve as a space to display some of your favorite belongings that speak volumes about your personality. Kitchen design is all about striking the right balance between utility and visuals. In part, this means deciding what to keep stored away and what to put on display. Read on to get some ideas about how to express yourself through what you decide to put on display in your kitchen.


    Pots and Pans


    Whether you decide to keep your cookware out in the open or store it in cabinets has a lot to do with what kind of priority cooking is for you, and also what kind of cabinet space you have. A lot of restaurants feature overhead pot racks that make it easy to grab the right frying pan, soup pot, or wok at a moment’s notice. These can be mounted right over the stovetop or on the wall next to it. Especially if you have nice pots and pans, this is definitely something you want to consider. However, if you are more inclined to keeping everything looking sleek and streamlined, you’ll probably want to keep your pots and pans stored away. If this is the case, explore cabinets online to find out which ones fit the dimensions of your kitchen and how you can be sure to have enough space for all your pots and pans. If you need a little extra space, consider a kitchen island, which can do double duty as storage. You can even make your own island with RTA cabinets online—check out our blog post about a DIY kitchen island here.

    Artwork and Souvenirs


    The refrigerator has typically served as a kind of gallery space for kids’ drawings and other memorabilia. Since the kitchen is where everyone comes to gather to prepare meals and chat, if you live in a home with a big family, it makes sense to decorate the walls with works of art or memorabilia that serve as reminders of family trips. For those who live alone or with friends, putting up calendars or artwork that say something about who you are can be great conversation starters for when you have guests, or just add a personalized touch to your space that helps make you feel right at home.


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    For those who like to cook a lot, a spice rack or attractive arrangement of spice jars can serve as a source of inspiration for your next culinary adventure. However, it’s important to keep them all in the same spot to avoid unnecessary clutter. Wall spice racks are available in all shapes and sizes so you can be sure to find one that perfectly suits your needs. If you are short on space but are looking for an innovative way to store your spices, consider getting a lazy susan for the countertop or even one that’s integrated into the cabinets themselves. You can buy kitchen cabinets online that offer great storage solutions such as the lazy susan model.



    It can be difficult to move some appliances like mixers, coffee makers, or rice cookers in and out of cabinets because they tend to be clunky and are irregularly shaped. This is why it can be a good idea to keep them out on display, perhaps even in a designated spot or station where you can also use them. Open end shelf cabinets offer a great location to store larger appliances or even smaller items like tea pots or coffee grinders.





    If you are something of a wine connoisseur who is looking to buy cabinets online, be sure to check out the possibilities for wine racks, like this one with a classic Shaker design that integrates into almost any kitchen. Wine racks can be a lovely addition to a wine lover’s kitchen, but do make sure to keep the bottles out of direct sunlight, as too much light can compromise the quality of the wine.


    There are, of course, no hard and fast rules about what to display in your kitchen, and how you decorate will in large part be determined by what part of your personality you want to showcase and how you can get your kitchen configuration to work for you.

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