Top 5 Cabinet and Countertop Combinations for 2022


These past two years, we have been spending more time at home than ever, and the kitchen has assumed an even more important role in our lives. With all the work that our kitchens have been putting in lately, it’s time to give them a little TLC and maybe consider a little makeover! Especially with our kitchens constantly showing up in Zoom backgrounds and doing double duty as work and/or homework spaces, it’s worth taking a fresh look at how the design is working and if it’s keeping pace with all the 2022 trends.



Let’s take a look at the top 5 cabinet and countertop combinations, according to our experts.

White marble and gray cabinets


There’s nothing like the crisp, classy look of gray Shaker cabinets paired with marble countertops. The natural gray veins of the marble provide a subtle complement to the color of the cabinets, while the neutral tone of the cabinets brings out the other gold blue, and green highlights that occur naturally in marble. This is especially popular for 2022 because the stateliness of marble has a professional look for work while also being warm and inviting enough for everyday use.

Butcher block tops and white cabinets


The farmhouse style started rising in popularity a few decades ago and isn’t going away anytime soon! Statement pieces like farmhouse sinks can be paired with other rustic-inspired features for a space that is as functional as it is cozy. Nothing brings these two qualities together than a butcher block countertop, which you can find available in a variety of wood types. What makes these kinds of countertops especially appealing, in addition to their visual appeal, is that they eliminate the need for a cutting board. White cabinets provide a sensational contrast with wood countertops and work well with the farmhouse aesthetic.

Quartzite countertops and hardware-free cabinets


The name of the game in 2022 is streamlining, and getting rid of any superfluous details will make it possible for a statement countertop, like one in quartzite, to really stand out. There are plenty of cabinets, such as the Shaker style, that are designed without hardware. The original idea behind Shaker cabinets was actually to combine minimalism with utility, and their spare, elegant lines make them look great with bolder design elements such as quartzite, which is a metamorphic rock that is often more dramatic than marble, with translucent elements and hues like green, red, and pink.


Shaker cabinets and eased edge countertops


According to, the popularity of Shaker style cabinets jumped by 8 points between 2021 and 2022, helping it to maintain its position as the leading choice for cabinet styles. 64 percent of remodels include Shaker cabinets, with the next most popular option, flat-panel cabinets, coming in at 17 percent. Because of the distinct, clean lines that are characteristic of Shaker cabinets, it’s best to pair them with countertops that have eased edges, or what can be described as rounded square edges. These are generally favored by renovators as well because they slightly round the edges of the countertop, which makes it softer when people bump into it.

White cabinets and black countertops


Natural stone is big for 2022, and there’s been renewed interest this year in granite, in addition to marble and quartzite. Black granite in particular is bold and dramatic, and fits in well with many different kitchen styles, from simple and modern to minimalistic. We love the combination with white cabinets in particular because the contrast draws attention to the beauty of the granite and the simple lines of the cabinets.



Whatever combination you choose, be sure to check out what it looks like in advance using an online 3d design tool! There’s nothing like getting a sneak peek at your dream kitchen before you set out on your renovation project.

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