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Ten Things Nobody Tells You about Kitchen Cabinets


Stepping into the world of kitchen cabinetry with no prior knowledge is not advisable. You will find yourself confused at the best and worst of times faced with terminology that you have never encountered before. Trying to find out little pieces of information here and there so that you can be somewhat prepared for your remodel can be exhausting so we’ve done the job for you. Here is a list of what we consider the ten most little-discussed aspects of a kitchen remodel that nobody; I mean nobody tells you about. Read carefully because the list is long and the information invaluable.  



  1. You can buy them unfinished 

When viewing the kitchen cabinets on display in showrooms or on the websites of online retailers it is easy to assume that they are in their completed form, unless they are of the ready-to-assemble (RTA) variety. If you fancy yourself good with a paintbrush, then you’re going to like this titbit. Kitchen cabinetry can be bought unfinished – meaning that you have to paint and varnish them yourself. So take out the color wheel and start mixing those paints for a completely custom cabinet color made by you and for you.  


  1. Prioritize shipping  

Oftentimes the cost of shipping kitchen cabinets can be more than their total cost. It is, therefore, important to take advantage of retailers who offer discounts for bulk orders or even free shipping. However, if you managed to source high quality cabinets at a good price, then paying for shipping might still be profitable overall.  


  1. All cabinets are not made equally  

Kitchen cabinets are some of the most used furniture in a household. Just think of how many times you open and close your cabinets a day – almost impossible to count right? Because they are so hard-working, kitchen cabinets need to be strong and durable. Choosing cabinetry made from the best quality materials that you can afford is a must to ensure that they survive the wear and tear from daily use.


  1. Custom is not always better 

Custom cabinetry may be expensive that does not mean that they are of better quality than stock or semi-custom cabinets. There are preassembled and RTA  stock cabinets that are constructed from hardwood or plywood at a fraction of  the cost of custom cabinetry. Always remember to do your research on the quality of materials used so that you can receive the most bang for your buck. 


    5. Soft-close drawers are not a given  

While soft-close hinges are nice to have, they are not considered to be a necessity by kitchen cabinet manufacturers. If you value your fingers then you  should probably check, re-check, and confirm the specifications of the cabinets that you have in mind. There is no worse predicament to be in than to have a beautifully constructed cabinet installed only to discover that your drawers make a screeching sound every time you attempt to close them.  


  1. Check the warranty 

If you source your cabinetry from a reputable manufacturer, you shouldn’t have any problems, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. In the instance of any damage, you want to make sure that your cabinets can be replaced with no trouble – whether it is a month or five years down the line. Also be aware of the  conditions under limited warranties, so that you don’t make a claim that the manufacturer is not legally obliged to fulfill. 


  1. You can assemble them yourself 

Over the years, RTA kitchen cabinets have gotten easier and easier to assemble.  It is no longer an activity received for hard-core DIYers who put professional cabinet installers to shame with their expertise. RTA kitchen cabinets now require the minimal use of tools and are accompanied by assembly instructions that even the average Joe can follow with no trouble at all.  


  1. Price is not an indicator of quality 

Consumers that are unfamiliar with kitchen cabinets may assume that a hefty price tag equates to a high-quality product but they could not be more wrong.  The quality of materials and the construction techniques are the only indicators of quality for kitchen cabinetry – to only look at the price of the product would,  therefore, be a mistake that results in you missing out on some good deals. 


  1. Wholesale cabinets 

Wholesale cabinets are the best-kept secret in the cabinetry industry. All retailers obtain their cabinetry from wholesale stores and sell them at a mark-up.  If you are a price-savvy shopper, then you should know that buying your kitchen cabinets directly from a wholesaler can save you a tone of money.  


  1. Customer service is no joke 

When you buy kitchen cabinets, you need to interact with the supplier every step of the way; whether to confirm delivery times or to arrange replacements  for items out of stock. Choosing a store that has excellent customer service will,  therefore, make your kitchen cabinet acquisition process so much easier. 


A cabinetry retailer that operates with a mandate to be of service to their  customers is always a plus. If you would like to find out more about the cabinets available on the market, we at Nelson Cabinetry are happy to help. Get in  contact today at 832-998-6598 or info@nelsonkb.com for a helping hand in  your kitchen cabinetry journey. 




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