You’ll Feel Like True Royalty with These Tips for Creating Your Victorian Style Kitchen




 Want to feel like royalty in your kitchen? A Victorian-style kitchen is sure to make you feel that way. 


The golden period in English history known as the Victorian era is famous for its architecture and fashion. For many people the first thing the word “Victorian” the first thing brings to mind is architecture. The most popular Victorian styles include Queen Anne, classical, gothic revival, and many more. Even today many homeowners opt for this style of kitchen because they want to make their kitchen look less plain. But if you can’t decide between Victorian and modern kitchen design, try mixing it. 


Make your kitchen look fit for a monarch with these tips!





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Darker colors of cabinets used in this era weren’t coincidental. Because of the uncontrolled air pollution at that time, the use of light colors was avoided in the home. You can use darker colors like brown, maroon, and black for your kitchen cabinetry. They can be accessorized with gold accents, especially in combination with recessed panels. Also, the distressed style of cabinets in tarnished shades of greens, grays, or even off-white is very popular. When it comes to choosing the cabinet door style, there’s no hard or fast rule, but try avoiding flat panels because that polished look goes better with modern style kitchens.




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Most patterns during this era were symmetrical and took their inspiration from nature. Thus, for this style, you can use wallpaper with a pattern of your choice instead of a tile backsplash. It’s both an affordable and easy DIY job. Also, focus on furniture leg styles, such as Adam leg style, cabriole, etc, so you can achieve that Victorian look in your kitchen.




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Chandeliers. There’s no better way to make your kitchen look like a castle than chandeliers. If you find a crystal chandelier be over the top for your tastes, you can try a bowl chandelier instead. It’s simpler, but it’ll still achieve a regal vibe for your kitchen. But if you really want to make your kitchen look majestic, be sure to make your chandelier the center of attention. You can try either a crystal, candle, or Tiffany chandelier.




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You know that the Victorian era had a huge influence on fashion, so why not revive that sense of style in your kitchen? If you have a small kitchen window, you can use valances to “dress” them up. But, if kitchen are larger, we recommend full-sized drapery. Curtains or drapes will make your kitchen look more traditional and Victorian-like. Also, we would recommend you go for regal-style hardware and accessories. Just be careful on accessorizing so it doesn’t look gaudy. To wrap it all up, buy lots of flowers and put them in some antique vases.


With these tips your kitchen will make you feel like royalty!



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