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    12 Cringy Kitchen Fails You Want to Avoid in Your Kitchen

    We know you had a long week at work, so today we choose some of the kitchen catastrophes that’ll leave you scratching your head. These photos from around the world show why you need a reputable kitchen designer. From a piano hanging above the stove for no apparent reason to toilets and bathtubs being installed in the middle of the kitchen, we shared some of the best examples of the ultimate kitchen fails for you. Take a look and learn from other’s mistakes.

    #1 Safety hazard: Blame the gravity

    Image Source: Pinterest

    → Installing kitchen cabinets sometimes isn’t as easy as it seems. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, ask for help. It will save your head. Literally.

    #2 “Just go with it”

    Image Source: Pinterest

    → That golden rule “Measure twice, cut once” obviously isn’t applied by everyone. Many people are using our free 3D kitchen design service, so to avoid this, join them.

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    #3 When you always wanted that fancy kitchen for your barbie dolls, and you finally have one!

    Image Source: Pinterest

    → Next time you want to embrace your inner Bob Ross, sign up for an art class. Keep your kitchen simple with accent colors.

    #4 Lonely, I’m Mr.Lonely…

    Image Source: Pinterest

    → Best budget solution: why spend money on extra two cabinets and countertop, when you can use just one cabinet and have no counter space instead! Another reason, why a kitchen designer is not there just to be there.

    #5 If your refrigerator was John Cena

    Image Source: Pinterest

    → Blending items in your kitchen can be done in so many different ways—except this one. There’s no need to hide your refrigerator—unless it did something wrong…

    #6 All the features in one room: kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. What more could one want?

    Image Source: Pinterest

    The tiny and functional kitchen isn’t a folk tale. You can thank us later.

    #7 When you go on holiday and leave your plants unattended for one week

    Image Source: Pinterest

    → Keeping plants in your kitchen can be charming unless they’re big enough to eat you alive. We warned you.

    #8 Perfect example of why putting a cupboard above your sink is a bad idea!

    Image Source: Pinterest

    → A sink with a view can be a geometric dream and your personal space should never suffer.

    #9 Screaming in Gordon Ramsay “You had one job!”

    Image Source: Pinterest

    Lazy Susan does what she does best and don’t let her name confuse you!


    #10 Well… now they won’t see the real mold!

    Image Source: Pinterest

    → When choosing your perfect tile pattern, please make sure it doesn’t resemble anything gross…

    #11 “The piano should always have a prominent place in your home.”
    Interior designer: “I got this!”

    Image Source: Pinterest

    → There are other ways to make your kitchen traditional without making Mozart angry.

    #12 Tetris fans, we got you!

    Image Source: Pinterest

    Personalizing your kitchen can be done in so many ways…unless you’re a Tetris champ. In that case, we forgive you!


    To avoid having these kitchen design fails, and people making fun of your heart of the home, we advise you try our free 3D design service. It’ll save you your money, time, and headaches.

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