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Why You Need Timeless and Not a Trendy Kitchen in 2022

If I were to remodel my kitchen , I would go for a timeless look and not a trendy one. Here’s why.


Don’t get me wrong, I like trends. But I don’t like their biggest flaw – transience. You won’t blink an eye and another trend will come. And after that, another one. Just like that – years pass, kids go to college and you can’t even remember the time you spent in the kitchen with your entire family. The only thing you remember is all the noise and mess you had to clean up after the remodel you did every few months. And boy, do you regret spending all that money!


It’s Christmas time and I’m here to be… well, not your Santa, but an elf for sure. In this most beautiful time of the year, I’m here to remind you to take proper care of yourself, your family, and everything you own. What on Earth have kitchens to do with taking care of myself and my family, you ask? Well, let’s see…


Know Your Worth.

You’re not born just to mindlessly follow the wishes and likes of other people. So, don’t do that with your kitchen either. Just like you don’t want everyone to tell you which clothes you should wear, how you should talk and which job is the best for you, the same is with everything else. If you don’t like being told what to do, take that attitude and implement it into every part of your life – kitchen included. 

You know what you deserve, and if you don’t, I’m here to remind you that you deserve the best. No one is born to be average, to do average things, and to live an average life. You need to find yourself in every single thing in your life. Not only do your clothes show the real you, but the same also goes for your kitchen, your friends, or your hobbies. That’s why I’m encouraging you to think about your worth and your needs this season. Rethink and reconsider every belief, every opinion, and every intent you have. Get to know yourself better, that way you’ll know what you deserve.

Why Is Your Worth Important?

When you know your worth, you won’t accept anything less than what you deserve. You’ll know how to invest your time, your money, and most important – yourself – in everything you do. Investing is not reserved only for money and people in the stock market. It’s a term that is applicable (and significant) in every other aspect of your life. When you decide to invest in your kitchen, you’re agreeing to invest in your family, quality time you spend together, the overall quality of your life, food, etc. There are many things that could benefit from investing in your kitchen. Crazy, right? Well, keep reading, it gets better.

How Exactly Can You Invest in Your Kitchen?

Okay, you decided to invest in your kitchen. Now, how do you do it? How do you even start? Which part is the most important? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.


First things first. Let me be clear – investing is everything. You’ll first have to invest yourself and your time a little bit. Take some time to think about what you really want. Don’t look for ideas on Pinterest. Use your imagination. What do you desire? What color do you want your kitchen to be? What appliances do you want to use? Visualize everything perfectly clear.


Don’t worry, we’re still investing our time here. Now, take paper and pen. Sketch down how you want your kitchen to look. Measure everything. Imagine your family and friends there. Feel that feeling. Smell the air of your new cabinets. See their timeless look. Visualize yourself in 30, 50, or 70 years there. Are you still dancing? Are you still this happy?


That’s investing. That’s investing in some high-quality. Investing in something that will last and grow old with you. Investing in pieces that will raise your child together with you. Taking care of the kitchen that will let you prepare food for your grandchildren on the same countertops you did for your own kids too. That is smart investing.


Now that you’ve taken these steps, here’s an awesome part. Turn your imagination into reality by using the free 3D kitchen design. Use it to make your dreams come true.


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Are There Any Further Steps?

There are many steps and actions you can take to increase your kitchen investment. Investing in some high-quality cabinetry and appliances are the main ones. These pieces will cost you a lot of money if you decide to remodel your kitchen every once in a while. That’s why it’s important to choose the right, high-quality cabinets and appliances that will last long. It will not only save you money and time, but these pieces will allow you to live a high-quality life. To cook food your body needs the most without much effort, to make kitchen cleaning your favorite part of the seasonal cleaning, these will even allow you to make your kitchen a favorite place for your family and friends. Natural materials, high-quality and sophisticated, and elegant look will give you a harmonious kitchen that will always be filled with laughter and good vibes.

Why Do We Care About This?

You must be asking yourself why are we even writing this. Well, as I said, it’s Christmas time. We at Nelson Cabinetry want to bring some cheer to our blogs, social media, and products. But first and most important of all is our need to educate. To educate you about love for yourself, love for others, love for environment and nature. To provide you some information about choosing the best things. This very article is one of our attempts to remind you of who you are and why timeless is better than trendy. We’re people and people are timeless. No matter how long our life cycle is, we’ll still be remembered, we’ll still continue to live through our next generations. That’s why it’s important to finally realize that living in harmony with our family and friends and providing them with high-quality products is going to make everyone’s life easier and better. You’ll live a happier life and high-quality products you choose now will help you remember and bring back those happy memories later. 



Don’t wait any longer to live your dream life. Start by investing in yourself and your kitchen. Feel free to contact us at info@nelsonkb.com or call 832-998-6598. We’ll be more than happy to help you make your dreams come true!

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