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Who Decides Trends in Kitchen Design?

Trends in kitchen design come and go, but they often have much longer-lasting implications than the hottest color of the season. As someone who loves spending time in the kitchen, you know how important it is to get your space right so that it fits your lifestyle and reflects your personal aesthetic.


But have you ever stopped to wonder who decides what trends make their way into our kitchens each year? From industry insiders and manufacturers to influencers and dietitians, there are a variety of different people involved in influencing what’s popular in kitchen design today – so let’s explore further!

The Trendsetters: Influencers, Designers, and TV Chefs

Influence in the Digital Age

In this era of digital dominance, social media influencers wield significant power. Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have become the canvases where aesthetic inspirations are painted. Through captivating visuals and personal narratives, influencers spark trends, turning the once mundane into #KitchenGoals that inspire us all.



As we scroll through our feeds, these digital curators guide us through a virtual showroom of kitchen wonders. From sleek, modern designs to warm, rustic charm, influencers craft narratives that resonate with a diverse audience, making every kitchen aspirational.

Designers: Architects of Aesthetics

Interior designers, the unsung heroes of kitchen trends, seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics. Every year, they experiment with materials, colors, and layouts, setting the stage for the next big thing. The showroom displays they craft entice us to reimagine our kitchens with each passing glance.


Kitchen and bath designer


These architects of style navigate the delicate balance between form and function, creating kitchens that are not just visually appealing but also practical. Their designs become blueprints for homeowners seeking a perfect harmony of beauty and usability.

TV Chefs: From Cooking Shows to Kitchen Trends

Television, a pervasive influence in our lives, not only teaches us the art of cooking but inadvertently shapes kitchen design trends. The rustic charm of a cooking show’s kitchen, with exposed brick and hanging pots, becomes a template for viewers seeking to infuse their homes with a touch of culinary flair.



TV chefs, often revered as culinary artists, inadvertently become design maestros. The kitchens where they whip up culinary masterpieces become iconic, setting the stage for trends that seamlessly blend the art of cooking with the art of design.

The Market Movers: Appliance Manufacturers and Retailers

Appliance Manufacturers: High-Tech Innovators

The marriage of technology and kitchen design is orchestrated by appliance manufacturers. Smart refrigerators, touch-screen ovens, and voice-activated assistants have evolved from mere concepts to essential elements of modern kitchens. These innovations continually reshape our perception of what’s possible in kitchen design.



Manufacturers engage in a technological arms race, each unveiling the latest gadget or feature that promises to revolutionize the kitchen experience. From smart faucets to refrigerators that suggest recipes based on your inventory, these innovations become integral to the modern kitchen narrative.

Retailers: Bringing Trends to Your Doorstep

Walk into any home improvement store, and you’re greeted with a myriad of kitchen displays, each a potential source of inspiration. Retailers play a crucial role in shaping trends by strategically curating collections that align with the latest styles. The layout of displays and the placement of accessories subtly influence our perception of what’s ‘in’ and what’s ‘out.’



Retailers transform the act of purchasing into a visual feast. With carefully designed showrooms that highlight the latest trends, they guide consumers through a journey of possibilities. The strategic arrangement of displays creates a narrative that urges homeowners to embrace the new and bid farewell to the old.

The Cultural Architects: Tradition, Sustainability, and Global Influences

Cultural Influences: A Tapestry of Traditions

Culture weaves its way into every aspect of our lives, including kitchen design. Traditional motifs, cultural symbols, and regional preferences are integral elements designers incorporate into their creations. The warmth of Mediterranean kitchens or the precision of Japanese design becomes part of the aesthetic tapestry.


Mediterranean kitchen


In a world where diversity is celebrated, kitchens become canvases for expressing cultural identity. From vibrant tiles inspired by Moroccan patterns to the simplicity of Scandinavian design, cultural influences enrich the tapestry of kitchen aesthetics.

Sustainability: Green is the New Black

In an era of heightened environmental consciousness, sustainability becomes a driving force in kitchen design. Eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient appliances, and waste-reducing layouts take center stage, reflecting a collective commitment to a greener lifestyle.



Sustainability isn’t just a trend; it’s a philosophy that transcends aesthetics. Kitchens become ecosystems where every design choice echoes a commitment to preserving the environment, from recycled materials to energy-saving appliances.

Globalization: A Fusion of Flavors and Styles

Our interconnected world fosters a blend of styles in kitchen design. Fusion kitchens, inspired by international influences, are on the rise. The popularity of international cooking shows and the accessibility of diverse culinary influences contribute to kitchens becoming a melting pot of styles, textures, and flavors.



Globalization transforms kitchens into crossroads where diverse influences converge. From the fusion of Asian and European aesthetics to the integration of African and South American colors, kitchens become reflections of a world that embraces variety.


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The End-User: Your Kitchen, Your Style

Personal Taste: The Ultimate Decider

In the grand tapestry of kitchen design trends, your preferences are the most crucial element. Whether you prefer sleek and modern or warm and rustic, your kitchen is an expression of your personality. Trends may come and go, but your style endures.


Nelson Cabinetry White Shaker Kitchen Collection with Island, Wood Hood, and Wall Microwave Cabinet
Nelson Cabinetry White Shaker Kitchen Collection with Island, Wood Hood, and Wall Microwave Cabinet


Your kitchen isn’t just a space; it’s a canvas where you paint your culinary story. From the color of the cabinets to the choice of countertops, every decision reflects your unique taste, making your kitchen a personalized sanctuary.

Functionality: Where Form Meets Practicality

While aesthetics are vital, functionality is the backbone of a well-designed kitchen. Trends that endure seamlessly integrate style with practicality. The rise of multifunctional spaces, clever storage solutions, and ergonomic layouts reflects a collective desire for kitchens that not only look good but also make life easier.


Nelson Cabinetry White Shaker L-Shape Kitchen Collection with Wall Open End Shelf and Decorative Base Wall Panels
Nelson Cabinetry White Shaker L-Shape Kitchen Collection with Wall Open End Shelf and Decorative Base Wall Panels


Functionality becomes the silent hero, ensuring that every trend serves a purpose beyond aesthetics. From smart storage solutions that maximize space to layouts that facilitate efficient workflow, functionality becomes the unsung protagonist of the kitchen design narrative.



As we savor the diverse flavors of kitchen design trends, recognizing the myriad influencers shaping our culinary spaces, consider this an invitation to partake in the ongoing dialogue. Whether you’re an influencer, designer, TV chef, or an individual passionate about crafting a kitchen that reflects your unique style, the stage is set for collaboration.


If you find resonance with Nelson Cabinetry’s commitment to innovative design and functional elegance, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate. For media inquiries, partnerships, or to explore the possibilities of transforming kitchens into works of art, reach out to Evan at evan@nelsonkb.com. Let’s embark on a journey to redefine the narrative of kitchen aesthetics together. After all, in the realm of kitchen design, collaboration is the key to creating timeless masterpieces.

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