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White Kitchen Ideas for Your Next Remodel




Kitchen renovation and remodeling are big projects that you don’t want to repeat after just a couple of years. The perfect kitchen should be functional and timeless, which leaves us wondering whether a white kitchen is really all that? The resounding answer is YES!



White kitchens are often featured on HGTV shows, in magazines, on Instagram and Pinterest, and for a good reason. A white kitchen will never go out of style! It can make any space brighter, longer, and wider. Not to mention how a white kitchen can adapt to your style with just a few touch-ups. Whether you opt for a country, modern, or rustic style, a white kitchen is a great canvas. You can make it more interesting with color or let it stay all white, it doesn’t even matter. A white kitchen is an asset all on its own. 


White kitchen cabinet facts


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  • When we talk about a white kitchen, we specifically mean to white kitchen cabinets.


  • Kitchen cabinets can be Shaker style, raised panel, or flat but the color of the cabinets. plays a significant role in kitchen design. 


  • White cabinets will adapt to any style you prefer without losing their main attributes.


  • Adding your personal touches is easier in a white kitchen.


  • White cabinets reflect light and make a kitchen brighter.


  • A white kitchen can look less cluttered effortlessly.



What colors can you mix with white kitchen cabinets?


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  • Depending on your style, you can opt for a warmer or cooler palette.


  • Opting for beige or pastel colors will give your kitchen a charming and feminine look.


  • Colors like shades of gray and blue will make your kitchen more minimalist.


  • A backsplash in a white kitchen can either be the focal point or can blend in, the choice is yours.



What kind of hardware goes well with the white kitchen cabinets?


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  • You can opt for silver pulls as they are always on trend and look great with white cabinets.


  • To go a step further, opt for gold or black pulls or knobs. These colors give a lot of character to a white kitchen.


  • Opting for the right hardware is very important. And even if you make a mistake or get tired of a particular look, you can easily make changes, without compromising your home budget.



White cabinet maintenance


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  • A kitchen is a place that can get messy and the color of cabinets can’t change that.


  • White kitchen cabinets are like any other: they need to be cleaned.


  • You can easily keep your white cabinets clean by wiping them with a damp dishrag and simple dish soap.


  • Glossy cabinets can show fingerprints and might need more cleaning.







Image Source: Pinterest

White kitchen cabinets are a great choice for anyone who has a clear idea of the kitchen style they want. But it’s also the perfect choice for those who want to keep it clean and simple. And whether you opt for ready to assemble cabinets or pre-assembled cabinets, choosing white cabinetry will never be a mistake. 


Nelson’s white Shaker cabinets can be the perfect choice for any homeowner who wants a high-quality, white kitchen. To help you more, our free 3D kitchen design can give you a picture-perfect vision of your dream kitchen. 




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