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5 Places To Put Cabinets That Aren’t In The Kitchen Or Bathroom

While the kitchen and bathroom are two of the most common places to put cabinets, they’re not your only options.


Many people are not aware of the fact that cabinets fit well into other parts of the house, too. The best thing about cabinets all around the house is that you’ll gain a host of benefits by using these storage units in lower-profile and sometimes even overlooked locations. 


Here are our top 5 places to put cabinets that aren’t in the kitchen or bathroom:


Living room

Cabinets in the living room are a great way to make use of space over your sofa, particularly if you have stairs leading up to another floor in your home. Cabinets here help not only with storage but also provide an extra surface for displaying items. Choose cabinets that are the same height as your couch or slightly taller. Place them against the wall and install a couple of shelves to hold books, plants, or other decorative items. 

If you have a lot of electronic equipment, such as a TV and stereo system, you can use cabinets to help organize the mess. Cabinets next to the TV stand can house all of your electronics, as well as DVDs, CDs, and other media.

Cabinets next to windows allow you to add a touch of class to the room without sacrificing light or space. They can be placed next to a set of floor-to-ceiling windows, or in place of a window seat.


Cabinets in the attic can add storage space in an area that is usually wasted when converting it into livable living space. Here cabinets can be used to store holiday decorations, extra blankets, and pillows, or any other seasonal items.


Cabinets in the garage can be used for storage, as well as to house tools and other equipment. Tall garage cabinets can be fitted with hanging rods to allow you to hang uniforms, while accessories like gloves and padding can fit neatly on shelves. Large and small shovels and trowels will stay up out of the way if you hang them on hooks inside or outside of the cabinet. Extra seeds, bags of soil, and watering cans can be placed on garage cabinet shelves. Put small items (such as those seed packets) in bins on one shelf and larger items on the shelving below.


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Basements can be great places for cabinets because they are often unfinished and offer a lot of storage space. Since these spaces provide quite a bit of flexibility, installing cabinets in the basement can help to contribute to the fun and functionality of the room. You can use them for storing blankets, movies, and video games, or you could incorporate them into an additional living space for family, extended guests, or even renters. Many avid wine collectors are opting to have a portion of their basement, if not all, dedicated to the storage and sampling of their wine collection. A simple wine rack is perfect for this. 



Cabinetry is a good choice for mudrooms because it allows you to store heavier items such as boots and coats out of sight, but still easily accessible. Cabinetry can also make a mudroom look more finished and stylish. Cabinets in a room that isn’t used very often can be closed or opened as desired, making the storage options for that room completely customizable. Cabinetry is also an easy solution to add organization with adjustable shelves and drawers, but still, have all of your items close at hand when you need them.


While the kitchen and bathroom are definitely the most common places to put cabinets, they’re not your only options. There are many other places where you can install cabinets to help solve your storage needs. With a little bit of creativity, you can find a spot for cabinets in just about any room in your home.



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