What's Your Kitchen Style?

Choose a color palette that'll make your taste buds tingle:

Mellow Mushroom: Warm neutrals with a sprinkle of spice.
Pop of Peppers: Bold and vibrant like a fiesta in your kitchen.
Pastel Picnic: Soft shades that whisper "sugar and spice."
Monochrome Magic: Classic black and white, like a sleek tuxedo for your cabinets.

Pick a kitchen layout that screams "culinary superstar":

Open Sesame: An open concept kitchen for your grand cooking performances.
Vintage Feast: A traditional layout that takes you back to the golden era of cooking.
Small Wonder: Compact and clever, because big flavors come in small spaces.
Modern Masterchef: Sleek and minimalist, just like your cutting-edge cooking skills.

If your kitchen cabinets could talk, which door style would they choose?

Shaker Whisperer: Clean lines and recessed panels, the perfect blend of modesty and style.
Ornate Obsession: Raised panel doors with fancy details, fit for a culinary monarch.
Glassy Delight: Cabinets that love to show off their dishware, like a proud peacock.
Slab Sophisticate: Seamless and chic, because simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

How much natural light does your kitchen need to work its magic?

Spotlight Lover: I want my kitchen to be as bright as the sun—no shadows can hide from me!
Light Enthusiast: Some natural light is great, but I can work my magic in any lighting condition.
Moody Chef: I prefer a cozy ambiance with a touch of candlelight for my culinary adventures.
Balance Seeker: I like a mix of natural and artificial light, so my kitchen can adapt to any mood.

If your countertops could dance, which material would they groove to?

Granite Groove: Timeless and durable, the Fred Astaire of countertop materials.
Stainless Steel Salsa: Sleek and modern, ready to embrace your culinary rhythm.
Bamboo Boogie: Eco-friendly and renewable, with a tropical twist.
Quartz Cha-Cha: Chic and low-maintenance, always ready to shine on the dance floor.

Which flooring option will keep you grooving while you're cooking?

Hardwood Harmony: Classic and warm, your kitchen will be a dance party destination.
Tile Tango: Durable porcelain tiles, ready to withstand your fancy footwork.
Cork Shuffle: Sustainable and soft, providing comfort for your kitchen moves.
Concrete Breakdance: Sleek and smooth, the perfect foundation for your culinary acrobatics.

Choose a kitchen backsplash design that'll make you say "Oh, la la!":

Subway Elegance: Timeless subway tiles that never go out of style—oui, oui!
Mosaic Mélange: A colorful mosaic masterpiece, like a work of art in your kitchen.
Mirrored Glamour: Reflective and glamorous, giving your kitchen a touch of movie star allure.
Patterned Passion: Textured tiles that scream "look at me!" for an unforgettable statement.

How would you describe the atmosphere of your dream kitchen party?

Family Fiesta: Cozy and inviting, where loved ones gather for memorable meals and laughter.
Stylish Soirée: Chic and trendy, a place where you entertain and impress your guests with culinary finesse.
Serene Zenith: Relaxing and serene, a sanctuary where you find solace while creating gastronomic masterpieces.
Futuristic Feast: Sleek and modern, equipped with the latest technology for the ultimate cooking experience.

All 8 questions completed!

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What's Your Kitchen Style?

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