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Touching Up Your Shaker Cabinets – What You Need To Know

As careful as we may be, accidents still happen in life. Ordinary wear and tear and accidental damage can result in scratches on your kitchen cabinets that are not that consequential that you have to buy new cabinets, but also are not really negligible. In most cases, these damages will not be sufficient enough to require replacing or refacing the cabinet doors, even though sometimes it will be the only answer.

But, before that even happens, it’s important to insure yourself and to equip yourself with the knowledge and kits that you’ll go for when something like this happens. In this article, we will solve the issue of repairing the blemishes of your cabinets that are not ready yet to be replaced.




Understanding why your kitchen cabinets are damaged could spare you unnecessary worry and pay. When you see the reason behind the damage, you can also prevent the next one by taking proper care of your cabinetry.

There are several reasons why. It could be because of stains that were there for too long and not cleaned. It could be caused by leaks from walls, burst pipes, or different liquids seeping from stored food. The reason behind damaged cabinets could also be steam from cooking or coffee pots. Or from the other kitchen appliances that can lead to wear-and-tear on your kitchen cabinets. 

Once you discover the cause of your cabinetry damage, you can move on to the next step: evaluating the damaged area. After that, you will decide whether you will continue with repairing and use a method that will quickly restore your kitchen, or maybe you will decide to call a professional.




Before you decide to do anything to your cabinets, just visibly look at them inside and out. Check for damages, peelings, chips, and other aesthetically unpleasing problems. Ask yourself questions. Is this repairable? How many touch-ups will be required? Do I need professional help?

Whatever you decide, before you start treating your cabinets – ensure that they are clean. Clean them off with a cloth and apply a high-quality wood cleaner as well as a preservative so you bring imperfections to light, but also to clean off grime and grift. 

Be sure that you’ll start with repairing only if you are 100% sure and confident in your skills and that you will succeed. 



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The first and only thing you need when working alone is a simple touch-up kit. This kit is designed for minor touch-ups and repairs. Use it to repair scratches, excessive wear marks, and edges where raw material is being exposed. Before using, shake it well. It’s very simple to use, so for minor repairs, you probably won’t need professional help. Just remove the cap and run the tip over the defect. Keep in mind that it could take a few light coats to conceal the damage completely. If there’s an excessive amount of product, you can easily remove it by gently applying a little bit of mineral spirits on a clean and dry cloth. 


P.S. Touch-up pens are great for surface scratches but it’s important to match the color of your existing stain and the product you’re using to repair. This kit is available in either gray or white. 


Final words… 

It’s very important to know that damage to the kitchen cabinets over time is inevitable. However, this doesn’t mean that we should not take very good care of our cabinetry to prevent the damage we can easily avoid. To achieve this, make sure you routinely clean your cabinets off, inside and out. Also, make sure that for daily usage you are using natural cleaning products, like vinegar and water. You can make these at home. Once in a while use a high-quality cleaner for wood that will give your cabinets a nice, protective coat that will prevent unwanted damages. And in case they are already there – be sure to examine the damage to your cabinets very carefully and to use the most gentle touch-up kit you can find. 



P.S. If you’re buying new cabinets make sure you buy the best quality cabinets plus a matching touch-up kit that can be used later if needed. Nelson Cabinetry offers beautiful collections of white and gray Shaker cabinets at wholesale prices to the public. Simply call 832-998-6598 or send an email to info@nelsonkb.com to get a quick quote

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