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Everything You Need to Know About Discount Kitchen Cabinets


Staying within your budget can be difficult when working on a kitchen remodel.  There are so many different aspects to consider; like flooring, appliances, lighting, and of course cabinets. If you would like to cut costs, but not at the  expense of quality then inexpensive kitchen cabinets are a feasible alternative to custom cabinets. You can bring down the prices of your kitchen cabinets by  selecting economical materials, getting your hands dirty, and sourcing from the  correct manufacturer. And this is only the tip of the iceberg – keep scrolling for even more information about discount cabinets.  



What are discount kitchen cabinets made of? 

Low-budget kitchen cabinets are crafted from engineered materials, such as  particle board and medium-density fibreboard (MDF), which are notably less  pricey than hardwood. Kitchen cabinets that are dirt cheap and made from particle board are generally perceived as being of lower quality as it is fragile, has a short life, twists and bends when exposed to higher temperatures, and is  not eco-friendly.  

MDF is, therefore, the preferred engineered wood material in cabinetry. It is more robust, compact, and hard-wearing than particle board, possesses a smooth  surface that is amenable to paint, and is reasonably priced and easily attainable. However, MDF is also more delicate and water-absorbent than wood, holds  screws and nails with difficulty, fractures when pressurized, and emits volatile  organic compounds (VOCs).  


What are the best kitchen cabinets for the money? 

The best kitchen cabinets are the ones that meet your needs and your budget.  For DIY enthusiasts, ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets are generally more  affordable than preassembled cabinets. RTA cabinets are cheaper because the labor costs of onsite assembly are not incorporated into their price. If you are not 100 percent comfortable with assembling cabinets yourself, you can hire a  professional cabinet installer – but it will cost you extra.  

Unfinished cabinets are another type of discounted cabinet that are available for  purchase by home renovators. Unfinished cabinets are customizable, have reduced labor costs, and countless choices for hardware. They differ from site finished cabinets in that the buyer is required to finish the cabinets themselves by staining, painting, and/or sealing them. The only other kind of cabinets that have the same amount of options in terms of color is custom cabinets, which cost so much more. Unfinished cabinets are, therefore, perfect for homeowners who want a customizable color at a budget-friendly price.  


Where should you buy discount kitchen cabinets? 

If you would like to purchase new discounted kitchen cabinets, as opposed to second hand, then big-box and/or online retailers are your best bet. Big-box retailers are able to charge lower prices because of their ability to mass-produce. Buying stock or semi-custom cabinets from superstores such as Home Depot is, therefore, remarkably less expensive than having them custom-made by small manufacturers. 

It is also worthwhile to think about ordering cabinets online instead of visiting shops with a physical storefront. The cabinets stocked on online stores cost less because they have reduced operating expenses in comparison to stores with in person shopping. The additional benefits of ordering your kitchen cabinets online include convenience, time efficiency, top quality, automated client support, and complimentary design services.  


Finding out about quality discounted kitchen cabinets should not have to be a  hassle. Actually, it is as simple as emailing info@nelsonkb.com with any queries. Nelson Cabinetry makes shopping for RTA cabinets easily accessible with wholesale prices that are hard to beat. Send Nelson Cabinetry an email  promptly, to find out more about our premium quality construction and mind blowing prices.


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