What Are Modern Kitchen Cabinets?




With so many kitchen styles, sometimes it can be difficult to decide on the cabinetry. If a modern kitchen style is what you’re aiming for, you’re probably wondering which cabinetry will fit with a contemporary look? We’ve got some answers to your questions.


Renovating your kitchen can be stressful enough even when you know exactly what you want. But what happens when you’re not so sure and the options just keep on piling on? If your style is modern and you want to apply it to your kitchen, there are so many ways to do it. To help you with that, let’s cut to the chase by reviewing some of the main features of the modern aesthetic.




Modern and simple lines


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Anything modern will, as the name suggests, have an updated style. And if you’re wondering how this applies to kitchen cabinets, here’s how: Most cabinets have been around for decades and their look hasn’t changed much. But what makes a cabinet say 2021 is simplicity. Opting for cabinets without ornamentation is a great start when designing with a modern outlook. You can find clean lines and simplicity in flat panels or Shaker cabinets




Opting for the right color


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Colors are great but neutral colors make a kitchen modern. According to Houzz, a majority of Americans opted for a white kitchen in 2020. Neutral colors make any space bigger and brighter and clean lines add peace and harmony. If white is not your preference, you can opt for beige or light gray cabinets.




The right hardware is a must


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To have a truly modern and timeless look, we recommend opting for cabinet handles versus knobs. With a variety of handles on the market, choosing black or gold handles will get you points for the overall modern look. For a minimalistic look, you can try straight handles or dispense with handles altogether.




RTA kitchen cabinets

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The Internet is full of DIY projects so opting for ready to assemble kitchen cabinets is the right choice if you have a few skills. Aside from the fact that they’re easy to assemble (10-20 minutes per cabinet), you can also save up some extra money and invest in something else your home needs.






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Modern kitchens are sleek, clean, and nothing short of stunning. Once you opt for the right cabinet style and color, you’ll be one step closer to your goal. And if you add the right handles, your kitchen will already start to look and feel modern. A contemporary look is an exceptional style choice when making your kitchen the primary gathering hub of your home. It’s clean and neat and you don’t have to worry about clutter. 


Searching for the perfect modern kitchen design is exciting, especially when you find that perfect fit. And if you still haven’t, a free 3D kitchen design by Nelson Cabinetry is a great place to start your discovery.