What Are Dovetail Drawers and How Are They Constructed?


Drawers are a sought-after attribute in kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. Their  popularity is mainly due to their provision of storage space, organization  properties, and their fully extendable capability that makes difficult to reach  areas more accessible. The quality of the construction of kitchen and bathroom  drawers is the overarching determinant of its lifespan and functionality. There  are multiple construction approaches for making cabinet drawers. However, the  dovetail method is considered by experts to be the premier cabinet drawer  manufacturing technique. If you are considering acquiring dovetail cabinet  drawers for your kitchen or bathroom remodel, then here is a breakdown of their  construction and beneficial features.  



Dovetail Construction  

Dovetail cabinet drawers differ from traditional drawers in terms of the type of  joinery utilized in their assembly. A dovetail drawer is constructed with the use  of a joint called a dovetail. The dovetail joint serves the purpose of joining the  

front and side of the drawer box with each other. Dovetail joints are formed  from a set of pins cut onto the periphery of a single wooden board, which are  then interlocked with a set of tails that are carved onto the edge of the second  

board. The pins and tails are cut in the shape of a trapezoid or wedge and do not  need any mechanical hardware to stay fastened together.  

The distinctive feature of dovetail drawers is their dovetail joint situated in its exterior corner. The dovetail joint has the appearance of interlocking puzzle  pieces connected at a right-angle.  



Dovetail Cabinet Drawer Benefits  

Dovetail drawer boxes are primarily favored for their robustness and their  enlarged storage capacity. The dovetail joint is unlikely to detach due to its  secure connection, unlike standard drawer boxes which are held together with  nails that are likely to loosen with continued use. An added benefit of the  dovetail joint is that its sizable surface area provides an extensive region on  which to apply glue. Glue is a more powerful adhesive than solid wood, so the  more glue that can be used, the more sturdy the dovetail drawer box will be.  Dovetail construction additionally creates an attractive joinery detail that is  further enhanced when differential stains of wood are utilized to accentuate the dovetail joint. 


An added bonus of choosing RTA (ready-to-assemble) cabinets for your kitchen  or bathroom remodel is that the dovetail construction is the hallmark of their  cabinet drawers. The ease with which the pins and tails of the dovetail joint slot  together make it the choice de facto for RTA cabinetry. As premium RTA  cabinet suppliers, Nelson Cabinetry utilizes the superior dovetail construction  method for their RTA cabinet drawers. Without further delay, contact Nelson Cabinetry without delay on 832-998-6598 or info@nelsonkb.com for a FREE consultation on sturdy cabinet drawer boxers that stand the test of time.  


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