Until the Weather Gets Warmer, Follow These Tips to Bring Warmth to Your Kitchen

While it may be still cold and cloudy outside, at least it can be warm and bright on the inside. We always refer to the kitchen as being the heart of the home, but if your kitchen design is cold and stark, then you probably are missing some warmth in your “heart”. Here are a few tips on how to warm up your kitchen design for an inviting appeal.



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Wood is always the best option choice for many kitchen design features. Wooden cabinetry and wooden flooring are the basics. Try going for wooden countertops and other wooden features such as cutting boards, beams, etc.
It will give the effect you’re looking for. Just one wooden feature in your kitchen can help add cozy appeal.

Colorful cabinets


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Let me just say this. White kitchens will always be the most popular. Nothing says cleanliness and brightness like an all-white kitchen. But, in 2020 we saw the move towards two-toned and painted cabinetry. People are going for more visual interest when choosing this option. Grays, blues, and greens are among the more popular kitchen cabinet colors in these recent months. They can easily be paired with white or wooden cabinets.



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Did you hear that brass and gold are back? This choice is very much optional, but adding these features to your cabinet hardware and faucet or even the lighting in your kitchen is a definite win. They’ll add that spark of warmth and transform your cold kitchen. Try with some subtle additions and you’ll see it yourself.



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Remember that lighting has a huge role. It changes everything. Remodeling your kitchen is the best time to change your lighting and change the tone of your kitchen at the same time. Warm-toned lights will make your kitchen feel more comfortable and inviting. Plus, adding those metal fixtures to your lighting will let it really “shine”.


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This is the cheapest and easiest option for your small kitchen remodel. Add some vintage rugs, colorful appliances and backsplash, plants, wall accessories— the list is practically endless. But you get the point. Rugs will add both visual and real warmth. Colorful appliances and backsplash will add not just color but also some fun features to your all-white kitchen. Lastly, plants or wall pictures will make the kitchen feel more alive.



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