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Understanding Kitchen Hardware: Pulls and Knobs

White shaker cabinets are a classic and you can’t go wrong with them. They’re timeless, elegant, and high-quality. But you probably don’t want your kitchen to look basic. Perhaps you need to add some shine to it, or maybe you just want to express your unique style.

Did you know those decorative elements of the kitchen like pulls and knobs are comparable to jewelry when it comes to kitchens? They may be small, but they are a significant part of kitchen aesthetics. Meaningful part, yes, but easy? Also yes. When it comes to your shaker cabinet hardware, it’s truly simple to use them for making your kitchen a whole different place. All you need to know is in this article. And today we’re all about pulls and knobs.



Understanding Shaker Knobs and Pulls

The Shaker cabinet door is one of the most adaptable door styles available. When it comes to knobs and pulls, it’s not hard to distinguish which should be used. Knobs are smaller and less expensive than handles. They are used for drawers and cabinets and are a little less complicated to install than pulls. All you need is one screw to do the work. On the other hand, pulls are a bit larger than knobs, but they are easier to handle. They are also a bit more expensive. You can use them for drawers and larger cabinets with linear shapes.




Since drawers and cabinets vary in size, it can be difficult to distinguish what size knobs or pulls you need. There is no strict formula established, but the common length of the pull is usually ⅓ of the cabinet or drawer width. Smaller drawers work best with a pull from 3’’ to 4’’ long or a 1’’ in diameter knob. Medium-sized ones usually have a 4’’ to 8’’ long pull or a knob between 1’’ to 1.5’’ in diameter. And large drawers need broader pulls, usually 8’’ and up or a knob 1’’ or bigger.



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Shaker cabinets, especially if they’re white, are a blank canvas for your kitchen. You determine its style by choosing the right hardware. Hardware with ridges, curved silhouettes, and textured detailing typically works well with traditional or heritage-inspired designs. Modern cabinetry tends to have neat lines and edges with a sleek, minimal profile that is smooth to the touch. The fundamental categories of kitchen cabinet hardware are: contemporary, eclectic, rustic, traditional, and transitional.

For a more contemporary look, you would go with neutral colors and linear or curved barrel handles. If you decide to give your kitchen a more eclectic look, you’ll go with pretty paints and maybe seashells. It’s all about that comfortable mood! The rustic style ought to make your kitchen warm and friendly, so you can choose hardware that will give you and your guests that homey feeling. For this style, the most common hardware is simple knobs and pulls with bronze, copper, or a black finish. The transitional style combines contemporary and traditional elements. Usually, for this look no softer-edged hardware is used.




Choosing only the best for your kitchen means investing in high-quality materials even when it comes to small things, like hardware. Brass, bronze, and stainless steel hardware works the best since it’s durable, antimicrobial, and usually easy to clean. It’s a good choice to use glass, ceramic, or crystal knobs for a more vintage look. 


Your hardware can be polished, brushed, satin, matte, oil-rubbed, etc. When it comes to finishing it all depends on the material of your hardware. For example, stainless steel handles are polished or brushed and they look great in a contemporary kitchen. Bronze will mature in appearance and will make an outspoken look in a rustic kitchen. For a transitional style, it’s best to choose a black finish for a more dramatic look on white or light kitchen cabinets.



In conclusion

Cabinet hardware style is changing with trends. Try to work smartly, so you can make some profitable and timeless investments in your kitchen. It’s important to know that, before you even start thinking about cabinet hardware, you should be well informed about it. That way, you’ll know what shape and size you want, what material works the best for you and your kitchen, and what is the most profitable investment.


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