Types of Kitchen Sinks that will fit in a Sink Base 


Are you undecided about a kitchen sink? Then look no further than your base  cabinet. The first step in selecting a kitchen sink style is to determine whether it  will fit into your sink base. Next, determine the look and functionality of the  kitchen sink. You ultimately want a type of kitchen sink that is aesthetically  pleasing and can fulfill practical purposes for the rinsing of fruit and vegetables,  hand washing, cleaning utensils and appliances, and any other use that you may  have for it. Before you make your final decision, let’s explore the different  types of kitchen sinks that are suitable for a sink base.  




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Top Mount Kitchen Sink 

Top mount sinks are also known as drop-in sinks because they are fitted into the  countertop from an overhead position. The shape of the kitchen sink is cut into  the countertop and the kitchen sink is then dropped in for an exact fit. The  sink’s rim – where the sink joins the countertop – must be sealed with silicone  to ensure that no water passes through. Due to its ease of installation, you can fit  top mount sinks by yourself.  

An additional benefit of electing for a top mount sink style is that your  countertop material choices are endless, as it is the rim that bears the weight of  the sink. The reduction in counter space caused by the rim is, however, a  disadvantage of this style.  





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Under Mount Kitchen Sink 

The under-mount sink received its name from its placement locale – beneath the  countertop to be exact! Its location ensures that it is perfectly supported by a  suitably sized cabinet base. The many strong points of this particular type of  kitchen sink include that it is easy to install and practical with a design that is  smooth and glossy. However, it must be composed of durable materials such as  quartz and granite to maintain its strength and robustness.  




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Flush Mount Kitchen Sink 

Flush mount kitchen sinks are installed so that they are completely level with  the kitchen countertops, with the base cabinets used as a supporting structure.  The sink and countertop are made individually then attached to one another  during the fitting process. The application of grout between the countertop and the kitchen sink ensures that they remain firmly connected. Using grout in a  matching shade creates a seamless merger of both components. 

Flush mount kitchens sinks are beneficial because there are no protrusions or  gaps where excessive dust and grime can accumulate. An added benefit is that  flush mount kitchen sinks give your kitchen a sleek appearance. However, be  prepared to budget for it accordingly, as it is a pricey addition to your kitchen  hardware.  




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Integrated Kitchen Sink 

An integrated kitchen sink is designed so that the basin and countertop merge  into a single unit made from identical materials. There is no visible boundary  between the countertop and the sink, which creates a smooth surface with no  seams. A key benefit of an integrated kitchen sink is that it provides a smooth and a continuous work surface that is easy to clean. The drawbacks, however, are  that they are costly, must be custom-built, and suppliers are scarce.  



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Farmhouse Kitchen Sink 

The farmhouse kitchen sink style has a distinctive apron front that hangs over  the edge of the kitchen counter. Crafted from copper, ceramic, or stainless steel;  the farmhouse sink is a popular choice for rustic kitchen designs. Farmhouse  kitchen sink pros include their enlarged width and depth and their chic and  charming aesthetic. Disadvantageously, its bulkiness and heaviness reduce  counter space and require the use of a heavy-duty countertop.  


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