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Trendy vs Timeless Cabinets

What does one do when they’re unsatisfied with the cabinets in their home? In a perfect world, you would be able to keep your cabinets as is and change everything else around them. A quick fix that sounds good, but is not possible. So what now? A redesign of course!

Of course, before deciding on a redesign option, you need to determine what exactly it is that you don’t like about your cabinets. Is there something in particular? Are they just…ugly? Do they clash with your color scheme? Or are they simply not stylish enough for your liking?



If the issue is that the cabinets are simply too outdated, then this article will help. We are going to highlight two design options that could potentially resolve your concerns. 


The first option is timeless cabinets. Having them means that in another 10 years, when trends have changed again, you can simply change the other features around your cabinets without having to worry about them looking out of place. 


Another option is a trendy one. This one will have a shorter life span before fashions change again and it becomes dated.


The main difference between the two options is that one provides a classic design that will remain relevant for longer periods, while the other offers a modern design that is considered to be in style.




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Timeless cabinets are a good choice for kitchens that might not be updated again anytime soon, especially if you’ve already invested in appliances and decor that will stay in your kitchen for a long time. They are easy to maintain, they last longer than trendy cabinets, and they’re more affordable in the long run – but this doesn’t mean that trendy cabinets are worth the money.


White cabinets are always in style and won’t ever go out of fashion. They look great with dark grays and earthy-toned wood. Gray is a more understated color but no less classy. It works well with lighter gray, tans, creams, blacks, browns, and even blues!


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Trendy is usually described as something that is in style at the moment. Not all trends are the same. Some will come and go in a year, and some will stick around for many years. Designing your home with trendier tastes in mind comes with a big drawback. It could look outdated and out of style much before it’s time to do a remodel. Trendier kitchens sell better if they’re on the market while trends are in. 


Black cabinets are perfect for adding drama to your space without going overboard. In general, black cabinets work well with neutral and cool-toned wood.



The most important thing is that you’re happy with your new kitchen! So why not just go for it? Trends are meant to be fun so if you want something crazy, do it. But don’t forget the timeless pieces when creating your design. They will help tie everything together while still giving enough flexibility so you don’t have to change everything every time a new trend comes along.

Also, if your design revolves around the color of your cabinets then we would advise staying away from decorations that are too trendy or seasonal. For example, floral designs look amazing on white kitchen cabinets but will always be associated with spring & summer so it’s best to avoid them if you plan on updating your cabinets every season!



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