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Top Storage Tips For Untidy Homeowners 

Understanding the art of decluttering is foundational to making the most of your home storage. Before diving into intricate storage solutions, one must evaluate what they truly need. Over time, it’s common to accumulate items that no longer serve a purpose or have outlived their usefulness. Decluttering is about assessing the value of each item, and deciding what to keep, discard, or donate. 


Storage filled with boxes


A regular decluttering routine can free up space, reduce stress, and give your possessions the room they deserve. This process not only makes organising easier but also offers a refreshing sense of space and order in the home.

When Your Home Just Isn’t Enough

Considering a storage unit might seem like a step reserved for those moving houses or undergoing significant life changes. However, even the most organised homeowners can benefit from a little extra space. Whether it’s seasonal items, cherished memories you’re not ready to part with, or equipment for hobbies that aren’t in daily use, a storage unit can be an ideal solution. It provides a secure place for belongings, freeing up room in your home and reducing visual clutter. 


For instance, you could use a storage unit like Safestore. The company has storage locations across the country, and each has 24-hour surveillance and secure, dry units that are the perfect place to store possessions in the short and long term. By relocating the items you use infrequently, you can better organise and enjoy the space you live in daily. While it’s an additional expense, the benefits of decluttered living and knowing your items are safe can outweigh the cost. Consider it an extension of your home, a space that offers flexibility as your storage needs evolve.


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Utilising Vertical Space

Vertical space can revolutionise how you perceive storage in your home. Many homeowners focus primarily on floor space, overlooking the potential of walls and vertical areas. Floor-to-ceiling storage solutions, such as tall bookshelves or mounted cabinets, can offer vast amounts of space without consuming much of the room’s footprint. Hanging storage solutions, like pegboards or wall hooks, can be perfect for tools, accessories, or kitchen utensils.


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Even spaces above doorways can be transformed into shelving units for books or decorative items. Remember, ceilings are often underutilised; consider hanging storage nets for soft toys in children’s rooms or pot racks in the kitchen. By shifting the focus upward, homes can feel less cluttered, while still ensuring every item has its designated place.

Transforming Under-Stair Areas

The space under the stairs often goes unnoticed, yet it brims with potential. Transforming under-stair areas can dramatically increase your home’s storage capacity. Consider sliding drawers or cupboards that fit the unique angles of this space, perfect for shoes, bags, or household tools. Open shelving can also be a stylish choice, displaying books, plants, or decorative items. 


For those keen on maximising space without visible clutter, concealed cupboards provide a neat appearance. If the staircase is open, think about custom-built units that seamlessly blend with your home’s aesthetics. Beyond storage, under-stair nooks can also become cosy reading spots or workstations with the right design. By reimagining this often-overlooked area, homeowners can uncover valuable square footage, making their homes more functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Tidying The Great Outdoors

Gardens, often seen as places of relaxation and nature, can also serve as smart storage spaces. Implementing clever storage solutions outdoors can help keep your garden tools, children’s toys, and seasonal items organised. Consider garden benches with hidden compartments for cushions or tools. Weatherproof storage boxes can be invaluable for keeping equipment dry and ready for use. If space allows, a well-constructed garden shed can house larger items too, from lawnmowers to bicycles. 


White deck kitchen


Every corner of a home holds potential storage solutions, from the often-overlooked under-stair spaces to the expansiveness of gardens. Tackling clutter and optimising space requires a blend of creativity and practicality. By reimagining conventional spaces and using vertical areas effectively, homeowners can uncover ample room to store their belongings. 


Regular decluttering paired with smart storage techniques can transform even the most untidy home into a well-organised haven. The key is to see beyond the obvious, utilise every inch, and create a home that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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