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Top Backsplash Ideas for 2021




Opting for the right cabinets is a must but homeowners are wanting now more than ever, an interesting focal point for all to admire. One way to do it is with the right backsplash. Here are the top 2021 backsplash ideas that will do the trick.


Whether you opt for neutral or colorful base kitchen cabinets, making the right backsplash choice will help to bring it all together. Tiles are great and they come in so many different styles and sizes. They are quite inspiring for interior designers because they offer more freedom for making a statement. And when it comes to a beautiful kitchen, you will need just the right amount. 


Whether you’re renovating or you’re in the planning stages, we hope this list will help you make a decision faster when it comes to tile backsplash choices. 


Large subway tiles


Image Source: Pinterest


  • The most common size for Subway tiles is 3” x 6”, which have remained popular for years and they present a true testament of design & function. 


  • Subway tiles are still a hot trend for kitchen backsplashes, but the larger size is something new.


  • The standard large size is 4″x 8″ or even  4″x 12″, though you can check what sizes are available at your local dealer.


  • Opting for this style will give your kitchen a timeless look with a trendy flourish.



Patterns and more patterns


Image Source: Pinterest


  • Upcoming tile pattern trends include chevron, herringbone, Moroccan fish scale, and laser-cut tile, among many others.


  • Since most of these patterns are “busy”, you have to be careful not to create too many effects in the kitchen. 


  • If you choose detailed patterns, we would recommend a plain countertop and white cabinetry to highlight the beauty of the pattern. 



Stone backsplash


Image Source: Pinterest


  • A lot of finishes can mimic natural appearances for a more authentic look. 


  • Natural stone effect can also be present in matte or honed finish tiles, which are especially popular in luxury-themed kitchens. 


  • There are dozens of finishes you can choose from depending on what kind of style you want for your backsplash and your entire kitchen area. Whether you want glossy and reflective, rustic and country, or aged and weathered, you’ve got plenty to choose from.



Colorful accents


Image Source: Pinterest


  • Most people choose neutral (white, gray, or beige) backsplash colors. But now you can get tiles in almost any color you want. From black to splashy yellow, the possibilities are practically limitless.
  • The backsplash is a good opportunity to introduce a personal style. A surprising pop of color in the kitchen will just do that. 


  • If you want to convey luxury, opt for black or charcoal grey tiles. The contrast from surrounding elements such as the cabinetry and countertops will create a luxurious look and feel.



Marble slabs


Image Source: Pinterest


  • Unlike tile, slabs form a continuous piece instead of a series with individual parts. Sizing will depend on the material used, but it probably won’t be much smaller than 4’ x 8’.


  • Instead of many small tiles making up the backsplash, you have one large slab stretching across the entire backsplash area. 


  • Marble and marble-looking slabs are becoming more and more common and they look gorgeous. Mostly what draws people is the pure beauty, the subtlety of color, and the unique variations in veining, which provide stunning aesthetics. And in combination with white Shaker cabinets, you can have the perfect kitchen.



Alternative materials


Image Source: Pinterest


  • At a time when everyone wants their homes to be unique, alternative backsplash materials are becoming a part of the conversation. Some favorites to keep an eye on would be stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and zinc.


  • The same applies to the glass-finished backsplash. You can now get full glass tiles to use for your backsplash. 



Gold accents


Image Source: Pinterest


  • Instead of seeing gray grout lines, consider some gold accents. 


  • Brass fixtures are back and here to stay – why not complement them with the backsplash=


  • This touch of gold brings warmth and elegance to a space.




Image Source: Pinterest

A gorgeous kitchen needs to be functional and unique. To create one, you have to balance the cabinetry with the backsplash, flooring, and lights. It might seem like an overwhelming job because there are so many choices out there but the right one for you is probably just around the corner. Designing a kitchen is fun but if you want some expert advice along the way, a free 3D kitchen design at Nelson Cabinetry can be beneficial to you. 



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