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Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Kitchen Contractor


Your kitchen contractor is hired to do one job – remodel your kitchen. They should, therefore, be willing to answer any questions that you may have, no matter how many. It is normal to feel nervous and unsure about the ins and outs of remodeling your kitchen because you are not a professional after all. The best thing that you can do is to compile a list of questions to ask when screening possible kitchen contractors. This is to ensure that the person that you hire is honest, reliable, dedicated, and competent. Read on to find out the five most important questions to ask your kitchen contractor before sealing the deal.  


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  1. What kind of contract will you use?  

Kitchen contractors typically used either cost-plus or fixed-price contracts. It is,  however, customary for contractors to use cost-plus contracts. This is because they are more beneficial to the contractor as opposed to the home renovator. A  cost-plus agreement stipulates that the client must fork up for the renovation expenses as specified in terms of the contract, plus a specified profit.  Renovation expenses can amount to building insurance, salaries and wages,  office utilities, and travel expenses.  

The specified profit can be determined as a free that is predetermined or as a  construction cost percentage. When using a cost-plus contract, a contractor’s expenditure can exceed the estimated renovation expenses. This can cause a lot of anxiety for clients who are on a tight budget, as the total expenditure is unforeseeable.  

Conversely, the total costs are fixed in a fixed-cost contract. The burden of responsibility is, therefore, placed on the contractor to determine the detailed costs of the kitchen remodel because they will have to cover the costs of any errors and omissions.  


  1. What is the timeline of the remodel? 

The contractor will usually provide you with an estimate – three months for example – but they must also indicate that they’ve allowed for possible complications and contemplated all eventualities.  

You can determine this by making the following inquiries: 

How will setbacks be dealt with?

Will a structural inspection occur before determining the timeline?  Are there other jobs that you are currently busy with or pitching for that could impact our timeframe? 

It is important to note that the timeline provided is only an estimation and circumstances can arise that will make it impossible to establish and stick to a  fixed timeframe. Nevertheless, asking your contractor for a schedule that outlines everything that will take place on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis will give you a better understanding of what to expect so that you can get ready for disturbances to your housing that are bound to happen and reduce the pressures of a kitchen renovation.  


  1. Will my kitchen be available for use during construction? 

The large majority of homeowners can’t be able to have enough money to take a  holiday or lease temporary accommodation for the full length of the renovations. Your contractor should, therefore, have a plan in place to ensure that the residents of the home are as comfortable as possible while construction is taking place. This includes delineating a precise construction schedule, establishing a provisional cooking area, and sustaining a secure and sanitized construction site.  


  1. Are there going to be workers at the construction site daily? 

By answering this question, the kitchen contractor unwittingly divulges the likelihood of experiencing setbacks and instabilities during the construction process. More often than not, contractors overextend themselves by undertaking a large number of jobs at once. If your kitchen remodel is not considered to be an immediate concern, the contractor will not oversee the renovation in person and workers will be sent to other construction sites first.  

Your kitchen renovation is most likely to have a favorable outcome project manner if the construction team works on the project daily and a meticulous and continuously present project manner presides over the site.  


  1. Do you have a warranty? 

Becoming the casualty of an unqualified kitchen contractor is a home renovator’s worst nightmare. You must, therefore, be able to substantiate that your contractor possesses the correct insurance certificates, registration details,  and licenses. Once the contractor has provided proof of the above, you should also, ask them to provide a written guarantee for work done in the form of a  warranty.  

Warranties can differ greatly concerning what they cover and their duration.  Oftentimes warranties are not detailed and insubstantial, which leaves you vulnerable to shoddy handiwork or expensive setbacks. Your construction warranty must, therefore, cover contractual commitments and resource quality.  


A kitchen remodel is nothing without its prized asset – the kitchen cabinets.  Impress your contractor with your knowledge of premium RTA cabinets by contacting Nelson Cabinetry at 832-998-6598 for a FREE consultation.



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