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Top 5 Questions About Beige, the Ultimate in Laid-Back Ambiance

Beige has something of a reputation for being boring. But it’s precisely its understated appeal that makes beige such a favorite year after year throughout the home. It is neutral with warm undertones, giving homeowners a lot of versatility to mix and match. Bolder hues can overwhelm, go out of style, or easily clash with other shades. On the other hand, beige goes with just about everything but isn’t as sharp as white, gray, or black, which are the other go-to choices that match with just about everything else. Want to find out a little bit more about beige in the kitchen? Check out our answers to the top 5 questions about beige below.


What’s the Difference Between Cream and Beige?

While there are various opinions about what sets these two colors apart, the consensus seems to be that beige is a light brown whereas a cream is a dark white. Since brown is based on yellow or orange, it is predominantly a warm color, though beige can also have cool grayish undertones. The cream is also a warm shade, with a hint of yellow or orange to give some nuance to white. Beige can go significantly darker than cream, and generally evoke colors found in nature like sand and almond. The word “beige” actually comes from a French term from the 19th century for undyed wool.


What Matches Beige?

The answer to this question is simple: Just about everything! Black pairs with beige for dramatic contrast, whereas white and beige together create crisp lines that are especially suited to a kitchen. What is key about beige, though, is the cozy ambiance it creates because of the warm tones. Go for white cabinets and marble countertops with beige walls for a dreamy kitchen, perhaps with a pearlescent backsplash for added interest. Differing shades of beige will also look clean and spacious, so you really can’t go wrong with choosing beige as the color for any or all of your kitchen’s main features. 



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How Does Beige Work with Wood?

Because beige is a warm hue, it works particularly well with the other shades of brown found in wood. Together, beige and wood combine for a natural look, with the heavy solidity of wood balanced out by the light airiness of beige. The depth of the colors in wood will bring out the undertones of other beige elements in your kitchen, whether you choose to have beige cabinets, walls, or even floors. Feel free to mix up materials and textures, too! One especially stunning material that comes in beige is travertine, a limestone that has distinctive swirls and that is popular in kitchens and “Roman-style” bathrooms.


Can I Paint My Cabinets Beige?

There’s no reason why you can’t get your cabinets painted beige or even take it on as a great kitchen makeover DIY project. Painting cabinets can be a relatively inexpensive and easy way to give your kitchen a mini makeover. One of the advantages to doing it yourself is that the color choices are almost endless, and you don’t have to just limit yourself to whatever shades (if any) are available in the cabinets that you’ve chosen for your dream kitchen. 


Are Beige Cabinets Difficult to Maintain?

Beige cabinets are a little more forgiving, in terms of showing wear and dirt than white. They have this in common with gray cabinets, which also tend to be relatively easy to maintain. This is because cabinets in subtler shades provide some camouflage, meaning that scratches, spots, and fingerprints will show up less prominently on a beige or gray cabinet door than on a white one. Even if you choose high-quality wood and plywood cabinets, routine maintenance is key, no matter what the color. Be sure to give your cabinets a deep cleaning once every two or three months while cleaning up any spots or spills right away, before they have time to set. 



Combining beige and white, or even beige and gray is an amazing way to add life and warmth to your kitchen. It will go amazingly with your Scandinavian style (if you love it), but also pretty much with any other style. You don’t have to worry about matching colors or materials. Still, to make your kitchen look elegant and sophisticated, as these in the photos, make sure you do proper research and follow the rules. If you find this challenging, feel free to contact us at info@nelsonkb.com for a free consultation. Our experts will work with you throughout the whole process and we will be more than happy to help you!


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