Top 4 Must-Have Cabinets For Your Kitchen


Kitchen cabinets are the number one thing you need when renovating your kitchen. The standard sizes may work just fine in some cases, but they do not provide much flexibility when it comes to storage necessities. Kitchen cabinets that are custom-made to fit your individual needs give you even more options when it comes to using cabinet space efficiently.


Here are four must-have types of kitchen cabinets you should consider for your project.


Wall Cabinets


Wall cabinets are one of our favorite choices because they create extra storage without adding any depth to the room since they sit on walls instead of inside the room like floor or base cabinets. They come in many different styles and can be filled with all kinds of dishes, pots and pans, food, linens, plates, glasses, and other kitchen items.


Wall cabinets are perfect for overhead storage for common cooking utensils; pots; pans; jars; cans; spices or small appliances. Wall cabinets can also be placed in the center of the room to create a focal point like this one below which has an intersecting counter above it.



Base Cabinets


Base cabinets are the most widely used in any home. They are commonly used for storing dishes, pots, pans, small appliances, and food. Base cabinets measure 24 inches deep and will have 1 to 2 doors, depending on the size of the cabinet. There are also three-drawer base cabinets with only drawers. These cabinets are usually constructed out of softwood plywood, which provides high-quality and lasts long. They have a very simple design consisting of a single door on top with 2 to 3 pullout drawers below. Base cabinets are more functional than they are decorative.



Pantry Cabinets


Pantry cabinets are also important if there is not enough cupboard space in your kitchen, but some people also choose to use pantry cabinets as decorative storage instead. These cabinets are generally larger than standard kitchen cabinets, which allows them to hold more items. They are also able to hold several items in one container, while kitchen cabinet doors usually only open up to one shelf. 


Pantry cabinets can be as wide as you need them to be but are typically 18″ – 30″ wide. They are used for food storage, clothes, or decorative items. Pantry units should be a part of every kitchen remodel to avoid clutter and disorganization within the kitchen.




Specialty Cabinets


Specialty cabinets include shelves, racks, and smaller wall cabinets. Open-end shelves offer the perfect solutions for extra storage in the upper space above the counter. When it comes to racks, either wine or plate racks, they are made for efficient and easy organization, and they work well in both – smaller and larger kitchens. Microwave cabinets can be used for smaller appliances, but for anything that needs to be stored as well.



When putting together the perfect kitchen, there is a simple formula that can be applied to smaller or larger kitchens, brighter or darker. For an efficient kitchen, you only need four types of cabinetry – wall cabinets, base cabinets, pantry, and specialty cabinets. These will allow you to use most of your space and decorate in whatever way you like. To design your dream kitchen don’t hesitate to use Nelson Cabinetry’s free 3D kitchen design software or to contact our experts for a free consultation at We’re looking forward to working with you!


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