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Tips to Make Your Kitchen Ideal for Entertaining

Kitchens and entertaining go hand in hand and creating kitchen space to be more than just a room used for cooking is important. The kitchen can be the heart of your home if you add that extra bit of charm. While you’re still figuring out your kitchen style, use all the benefits the internet has to offer for your kitchen remodel. Use Nelson Cabinetry’s free online 3D kitchen design software to design your dream kitchen, or just browse out high-quality pieces of cabinetry you may need in the future.


A kitchen that’s welcoming to guests has plenty of seating and is well-stocked with food and drink making an excellent setting for socializing. Whether friends are coming over for a party or just to eat together while watching the latest big-screen TV series, there are several kitchen accessories you should equip yourself with before they arrive at your door. Use this guide as a shopping list of kitchen gear and stock up on these kitchen utensils before the next family get-together:



One thing that makes an environment uninviting is clutter, so try cleaning up before you start hosting a company because it will make the space seem bigger and it will make it easier for your guests to walk around in. You want to get rid of any dirty dishes, appliances that are not currently being used, and anything else that is lying around on side tables or counters.




This one goes hand in hand with the previous one. Your cabinets serve as storage space, but they can also be used to serve as extra counter space for entertaining, too. Clear all your kitchen cabinets of dishes and other kitchen items that don’t serve a purpose during an event. Clean your kitchen regularly, try keeping only the most essential tools on top of kitchen counters to keep them looking good for any event at a moment’s notice.


Even if you have just a few friends over, any kitchen cabinet clutter will take away from the kitchen’s appearance. 



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You don’t want big appliances such as an oven or refrigerator to be tucked away into far corners that guests won’t find or see easily. The more visible they are, the better use you’ll get out of them!




Think of how you can personalize your kitchen. By adding decorative items, art, and colors that reflect your personality, guests will gain a greater understanding of who you are.


You can add a few colorful elements to your kitchen to make it look lively. For instance, you can include a few bright-colored utensils in a plain white kitchen or you can also add a few colorful stools to an island with black cabinets.




Lighting is very important in any room, but particularly in the kitchen because it allows people to see what they’re cooking – or even just share a meal!


If your kitchen space is small, use the trick of hanging up multiple lamps to lighten up this area. You can also decorate your kitchen with some pendant lights over the island or hanging chairs to give it an open, airy look.




There are so many different storage tips for your kitchen depending on how you want to utilize the space. If there isn’t much counter space in your kitchen then place some storage boxes under the sink or in a cupboard where you can store things like paper towels, dish soap, cooking utensils, etc. 


If you have to use counter space then stack plates vertically in pretty cups or vases rather than stacking them horizontally making everything seem cluttered and messy. Or instead of placing dishes away when they’re done being used put them back in the cabinets but upside down to save room. 


Use small baskets for your silverware, bakeware, or even your spices! Not only does this keep everything looking clean and tidy but it also makes putting everything away so much easier because you can see where everything belongs.




One thing you’ll want to do when entertaining at home is to keep extra plates, silverware, napkins, cups, etc handy so if anyone decides they’d like seconds there are some more clean dishes available for them. Having all this ready ahead of time is helpful because guests don’t have to wait while you go looking for more glasses or clear out the dishwasher so they can put their plates away. Keeping these things close by makes entertaining at home a little less work.



Holidays are that time of the year when families and friends are gathering together. Whether you’re having friends over for a big party, you’re preparing for a small dinner party, or simply looking to create the best everyday kitchen environment possible, these tips will help you to make your kitchen more like the one you’re dreaming of and enjoy it every day. 



At Nelson Cabinetry, our kitchen design consultants are ready to help you create the kitchen of your dreams. Explore your kitchen’s potential and be ready to host guests all year round. Schedule your free design consultation with Nelson Cabinetry today at info@nelsonkb.com or just call 832-998-6598! We love to hear from you!


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