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Tiny Kitchen Ideas and How to Implement Them Properly

If you think a tiny kitchen can’t be functional and beautiful, we’re ready to prove you wrong. Having a big kitchen is often the dream but if your space and layout mean this isn’t the possibility for you, it’s still possible to have a beautiful kitchen in a tiny space that works. Let’s take a look at how.


When designing a kitchen, space plays an important role. Opting for the right layout and cabinetry depends on how much room you’ve got, and it’s often hard or impossible to change it. Problems like this are common but they are not impossible to solve. You only need a different approach to get the small kitchen you’re dreaming of.



The best layout for tiny kitchens

Small Kitchen With White Shaker Cabinets
Small Kitchen With White Shaker Cabinets


The galley or corridor-style kitchen is the most popular layout for a small kitchen. With this layout, appliances like the dishwater, stove, or sink are usually clustered within a small area. Upper and lower cabinets can serve as storage, leaving counter space free for prepping food. 


When deciding on layout, you need to consider these things:


  1. Maximize your storage space, since everything counts.
  2. Make sure all necessary appliances make the cut.
  3. Make sure you have enough countertop space.




Opting for the right cabinetry

Nelson Cabinetry White Slim Shaker Cabinets
Nelson Cabinetry White Slim Shaker Cabinets


A great mix of base door and drawer cabinets is the key to organizing your space because you will need both. Door cabinets can provide storage for small appliances while drawer cabinets can grant you quick access to items you use more often. If your space allows you to install wall cabinets to the ceiling, you’ll have even fewer reasons to worry about storage.




The right design

Small Galley Kitchen


Opting for bright colors in cabinetry can make any space appear bigger than it is. White kitchens are a popular choice regardless of the kitchen’s size and they work great especially in small spaces. Due to its minimalist look, Shaker cabinets are a great choice in cabinet style because you don’t want to have a lot of details that can come off as busy.




Be careful with colors and details

Pop-up colors can be a great accent but this process requires a lot of thought. Overdoing it with colors and patterns can create a sense of clutter even when there is none. Opting for a geometric backsplash in a neutral color can give your kitchen a much-needed twist. For decoration, use touches of greenery here and there and consider adding some reflective surfaces like mirrors. These elements will give your kitchen an elegant look while making your kitchen appear bigger at the same time.


Opting for the right lighting is also one of the major points when designing any kitchen. Small kitchens tend to have less natural light, so make sure you have enough work light, possibly installed on cabinets. If your space allows you to have ambient or accent lights, don’t think twice. Read more about kitchen lighting ideas here.



If you have a small kitchen, white and neutral paint colors can save the day. White paint reflects light, makes walls less imposing and increases the sense of space. When you use it on your walls, countertops, cabinetry, and ceiling, you create a cohesive space with few boundaries or edges, which looks tidier. And with some pop-up details, your tiny kitchen can be the coziest room in the house where you can enjoy prepping food. Not every kitchen is a social place of gathering, which is just fine. Having a perfect little kitchen just for you is a source of satisfaction all on its own. Starting your day with coffee and good vibes is what a tiny kitchen is all about. If you need help with your kitchen design, try our free 3D kitchen design.



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