We've addressed this topic many many times, and you've probably come across similar steps in other places. But, just like being in school, repeating the material is crucial for remembering. So, let's go over some of the most important steps when it comes to your kitchen remodeling.



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→ Vision


As is the case with everything in life, you have to have a specific picture of what you want to do in your mind before doing it. Envision your end goal. Look for inspiration. Think about everything you want to change, and what you want to keep. Envision it, and then divide what’s the necessity, and what’s the luxury. That will lead you to your next step.


Budget ↵


Every dollar is important, especially in this case. Creating a budget will help you figure out what materials you can afford. Be prepared for what costs to expect, but also be prepared for unplanned ones. Always set aside at least 15% of your budget for unexpected expenses.


Tip: If you’re afraid to do the remodeling on your own, do the research and find a contractor to help you.



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→ Measure


This one is obvious. Nothing starts without measuring your space. Measure once and then double-check everything.


Cabinet Samples ↵


We talked about how crucial samples are here. Read it again and you’ll find the reasons why it's so smart to order samples.


A Kitchen Designer ↵


Designers are a big help. They will help you discuss everything above (your wants, budget, and your design).


End goal ↵


Set a date and create a detailed scope for every job required.



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→ Cabinets


After finalizing your kitchen design, you will order the cabinets. The lead time for cabinetry will vary depending on the cabinet manufacturer. Nelson Cabinetry takes three to seven business days for your cabinets to be delivered.


Appliances ↵


As you choose appliances, keep in mind that their sizes affect cabinets.

Order flooring, hardware, countertops, lighting, sink, faucet, and more.


Inspect and Store New Products ↵


Prepare a dry space area where you can inspect and store each new product.


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After this, it’s time for rough construction. This means it’s time to demolish the existing kitchen. If you are keeping the flooring and appliances in the same place, then you'll be done with this in about one week. but if you’re making structural changes, then it can take from two to four weeks.



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You'll start installing your cabinets first which will take you around 4 days. When the cabinet installation is done, you can proceed with taking the measurements for your countertop. This could take about a month to arrive and install. The next step is to install your appliances and lighting. Be careful not to scratch your new flooring or cabinets. Lastly, you’re left with adding the finishing touches such as hardware, backsplash, and other details. And of course, don’t forget to clean up after everything is installed.



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Voilà! Your new kitchen is set, and the only thing left for you to do is to enjoy it.


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