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    Timeless Kitchens and How to Create One




    A kitchen renovation mostly starts with an idea and ends with a feeling of accomplishment. But we’ve all heard of people who made bad choices that cost a lot of money and you certainly don’t want to join them. A kitchen that lasts and looks great after 15 years is the ultimate goal and here are some tips on how to create one.


    There are always two sides to the story and when renovating a kitchen, you can choose to win or lose. Winning means getting your money’s worth and having a timeless kitchen you won’t have to replace in a very long time. And losing is all about bad choices that seem right at a moment but end up not working out. To fully understand this process, we need to identify the following:



    What is a timeless kitchen?


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    • A functional and appealing space for cooking, gathering, or working.


    • A space that looks amazing even after 15 years or more. 


    • A space where you can move easily and do cooking and cleaning.


    • A functional space that works even with new habits. 


    • It consists of cabinetry and elements that don’t need updating for a long time.




    How long should a timeless kitchen last?



    A kitchen that lasts is a well-maintained kitchen with quality cabinets. A takes about 10 years for a kitchen to start entering the timeless category. The fact is, some designs along with quality cabinets can make a kitchen just as relevant, in terms of both aesthetics and function, even after 20 or 30 years.



    What helps a kitchen stand the test of time?


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    • It’s all about quality design, regular cleaning, and maintenance.


    • Choosing the right foundational elements like cabinetry, countertops, and flooring that won’t go out of style. 


    • Hardware, fixtures, décor, and furniture are all things that can be easily swapped out.


    • Quality craftsmanship and materials are essential in a timeless kitchen.


    • Neutral palettes, high-quality materials, and strong countertops like granite are important.



    Timeless cabinet styles, materials, and hardware 


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    Storage will always be popular and will never go out of style. Having enough cabinetry is a guarantee you’ll have a well-organized kitchen and that you can put all the unnecessary items away to avoid clutter. The same thing goes for counter space. Mix Shaker cabinets with quartz countertops, natural wood, and bronze hardware, which are all considered to have strong timeless qualities.



    The balance between trendy and timeless elements 


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    • The latest trend in kitchen design is mixing and matching cabinets. When they’re paired with neutral colors like white, gray, and natural wood, the effect is breathtaking – and when done right, strikes the right balance between cutting edge and classic.


    • Having an island in a different, neutral color is also a safe trend. If you mix white cabinets with a gray island, your kitchen is still on the right path to becoming timeless.



    • Striking the perfect balance of timeless and trendy is the key (70/30%).


    • Opting for trendy elements that don’t cost much to replace.





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    A timeless kitchen can stand the test of time and be gorgeous even 15 or 20 years later. It’s all about opting for the right cabinetry, both in terms of quality and design, while keeping trendy elements in fair balance. And with proper maintenance and care, such a kitchen truly adds value to your home. A place where we prepare great meals and where we make memories is a true hub of the home.


    If a timeless kitchen is your dream, our designers can assist you in the creation of one. Our free 3D kitchen design considers all your needs and creates the perfect solution based on your kitchen space.





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