Things That Make U Love U-shaped Kitchen Layout

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All about U 

Your U-shaped kitchen should be all about YOU, designed specifically around how your household uses the kitchen daily. 

To put it simply, U-shaped kitchens are a kitchen layout where the counters flow around 3 walls uninterrupted to create a “U” shape in the room. The U-shaped kitchen is one of the most wanted of all kitchen layouts. That is all due to its practicality, storage, countertop space, and aesthetically pleasing design. This type of layout creates balance and symmetry due to its three-walled design, making it an ideal layout for the kitchen work triangle. 





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The working triangle


A work triangle is a space between your stove, refrigerator, and sink. It supports functionality since it separates three major elements of your kitchen. You should find a convenient location for these elements since they’re a priority. 


The secondary working triangle


The secondary working triangle would be the fridge, your appliances, and your food prep space. For example, you might have dedicated counter space for your chopping board and also a dedicated space for appliances such as blenders, mixers, and food processors.




U-shaped kitchen design can be found in both large and small kitchens, depending on the size of the room.


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Small U-Shaped Kitchens are usually just for cooking. They might be suited for one or at most two people to prep a meal.









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Large U-Shaped Kitchens are good for all three: cooking, dining and socializing. They might include a kitchen island in the middle to help break up the room and serve as an eating area or a good place for hanging out. 











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  • Storage: Since there are more storage solutions and cabinets it’s only logical that there’s more storage space. 


  • Countertops: You’ll have more space for food prep and your kitchen will look less cluttered when cooking and eating. 


  • One or two ‘chefs’: You’ll no longer bump into another person cooking because this layout allows you plenty of space for movement.


  • Adjustability: You’ll have many designing options for how to lay things out and where to place your working triangle.



Extra Tips


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  • Add an island: Try adding an island into the middle of the kitchen design. It can serve as extra storage, a food prep area, or a dining area.


  • Stove placement: Try to make sure that you’ve got counter space on both sides of your stove for hot pots.


  • Oven placement: If possible, put your oven at eye-level. This reduces bending and makes the area much safer for children.


  • Wall cabinets: Don’t make your wall cabinets too low or too high. Try to find an optimal solution. 


  • Light: If there is space for windows, then let as much natural light in as possible. Also, you’ll need more ceiling lights than usual. Under-cabinet lighting is also recommendable. When you’ve got so much counter space, it’s important to find the best way to light it all




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