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These 4 Kitchen Styles Are Making Interior Designers WORK!




With so many kitchen styles, choosing the right one for you can seem like a neverending story. And with so many question marks, the answers usually multiply. From a country-style kitchen to a modern-style kitchen, we are taking you on a journey where we will visit all that and everything between.



A country-style kitchen 


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A kitchen that feels warm, inviting, and comfortable with a natural appearance is known as a country-style kitchen. This design falls into the category of traditional styles where cabinetry provides the signature look. Homey coziness, family meals, and shared moments all have sentimental value. They remind us of our grandmother’s kitchen, where culinary traditions were always a treasure. 



Country cabinets

Cabinet styles with features such as raised-panels and decorative panels that have elements like stained glass are often a part of traditional kitchens. These features give warmth and character to cabinets and allow you to show off your collectibles and your taste. 


While ornate or glazed cabinetry can polish your country kitchen, crown molding adds a traditional element. This particular look is often seen in French country kitchens.


If you prefer a more contemporary country-style look, there’s a way to do that too. Combining Shaker cabinets with traditional elements can be a very effective way to have a country-style kitchen with a twist. Adding a farmhouse sink, natural wood elements, and antique collectibles will do the trick.


Shades of the countryside

The color palette of a traditional country kitchen is soft and subdued. These colors come from provincial landscapes and add a special charm. Muted and earthy tones add warmth to any country kitchen and work well on big visual spaces like kitchen cabinets or tile backsplashes. 

For a traditional muted and earthy color palette, colors like gray, tan, beige, or light brown are a good place to start. Country kitchens are also no stranger to rich tones like espresso brown or hunter green.


Brass, copper, and exposed wood

The use of brass or copper elements in your kitchen adds sophistication to your home. Traditionally, the hanging of cookware was a purely functional design. And now, hanging copper pots for display in your country kitchen can be both gorgeous and functional.


Wood surfaces are very common in country kitchens too. The reclaimed wood bears traces of its previous life which makes it perfect for this setup. Exposed ceiling beams, wooden countertops, or wooden furniture are great ways to add rustic elements to your home kitchen.




A Tuscan-style kitchen


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Across the rolling hills and cypress tree panoramas, under the sun of central Italy, the Tuscan style was born. To help to keep homes cool during the hot summers, and mainly because of its availability, stone was the main feature in this style. Italians are also very respectful of their past, so they’ve purposely been leaving stone unplastered, brick walls exposed, and cabinetry charmingly aged so that new generations can appreciate both their past and craftsmanship.



Here I always picture the Italian grandmas cooking meals for their big families and wanting to have plentiful cabinetry for their pots and pans and other supplies, as well as the food. Thus, cabinets occupy the majority of Tuscan-style kitchen wall space. Woodwork is very vital in Tuscany, so don’t be afraid to splurge on your cabinetry. If you like raised panel cabinets, this style will go perfectly well with an Italian-themed kitchen!


Wall decor

A tile backsplash behind the stove is an excellent way to impart the Tuscan style to the kitchen. The backsplash is a very important component of the Tuscan style. It’s the perfect way to introduce that famous natural stone look and also incorporate the popular Tuscan style colors (we’ll talk about later) into your kitchen design. I would suggest using marble stone or terracotta, not just as your backsplash but anywhere it could work.



Terracotta tiles are original Tuscan products, so that’s always a safe bet. But you can always go for travertine tiles (which is a natural stone product, unlike the terracotta which is man-made). Travertine tiles will bring out that old look on your Tuscan style flooring because of its imperfections (variegated surface, pits, etc.) For more flooring ideas – click here.


The colors of Tuscany

The greens of the sea, the blues of the sky, the yellow of the sun, and the reds of the earth- is there more to say? As you can already tell, the colors used in Tuscan design reflect the use of natural colors found in the region. If you desire a more earthy, natural, and antique kitchen style, then turn to Tuscan style as the main inspiration in your kitchen design.




A Victorian-style kitchen


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The golden period in English history known as the Victorian era is famous for its architecture and fashion. For many people the first thing the word “Victorian” the first thing brings to mind is architecture. The most popular Victorian styles include Queen Anne, classical, gothic revival, and many more. Even today many homeowners opt for this style of the kitchen because they want to make their kitchen look less plain. But if you can’t decide between Victorian and modern kitchen design, try mixing it.


Victorian kitchen cabinetry

Darker colors of cabinets used in this era weren’t coincidental. Because of the uncontrolled air pollution at that time, the use of light colors was avoided in the home. You can use darker colors like brown, maroon, and black for your kitchen cabinetry. 


They can be accessorized with gold accents, especially in combination with recessed panels. Also, the distressed style of cabinets in tarnished shades of greens, grays, or even off-white is very popular. When it comes to choosing the cabinet door style, there’s no hard or fast rule, but try avoiding flat panels because that polished look goes better with modern style kitchens.


Victorian aesthetic details

Most patterns during this era were symmetrical and took their inspiration from nature. Thus, for this style, you can use wallpaper with a pattern of your choice instead of a tile backsplash. It’s both an affordable and easy DIY job. Also, focus on furniture leg styles, such as Adam leg style, cabriole, etc, so you can achieve that Victorian look in your kitchen.


You know that the Victorian era had a huge influence on fashion, so why not revive that sense of style in your kitchen? If you have a small kitchen window, you can use valances to “dress” them up. But, if the kitchen is larger, we recommend full-sized drapery. 


Curtains or drapes will make your kitchen look more traditional and Victorian-like. Also, we would recommend you go for regal-style hardware and accessories. Just be careful on accessorizing so it doesn’t look gaudy. To wrap it all up, buy lots of flowers and put them in some antique vases.


Shine bright like a diamond

Chandeliers. There’s no better way to make your kitchen look like a castle than chandeliers. If you find a crystal chandelier to be over the top for your taste, you can try a bowl chandelier instead. It’s simpler, but it’ll still achieve a regal vibe for your kitchen. But if you want to make your kitchen look majestic, be sure to make your chandelier the center of attention. You can try either a crystal, candle or Tiffany chandelier. For more kitchen lighting ideas – click here.




A modern-style kitchen


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Anything modern will, as the name suggests, have an updated style. And if you’re wondering how this applies to kitchen cabinets, here’s how: Most cabinets have been around for decades and their look hasn’t changed much. But what makes a cabinet say 2021 is simplicity. Opting for cabinets without ornamentation is a great start when designing with a modern outlook. You can find clean lines and simplicity in flat panels or Shaker cabinets.


Opting for the right color

Colors are great but neutral colors make a kitchen modern. According to Houzz, a majority of Americans opted for a white kitchen in 2020. Neutral colors make any space bigger and brighter and clean lines add peace and harmony. If white is not your preference, you can opt for beige or light gray cabinets.


The right hardware is a must

To have a truly modern and timeless look, we recommend opting for cabinet handles versus knobs. With a variety of handles on the market, choosing black or gold handles will get you points for the overall modern look. For a minimalistic look, you can try straight handles or dispense with handles altogether.


RTA kitchen cabinets

The Internet is full of DIY projects so opting for ready to assemble kitchen cabinets is the right choice if you have a few skills. Aside from the fact that they’re easy to assemble (10-20 minutes per cabinet), you can also save up some extra money and invest in something else your home needs.




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