These 2021 Kitchen Trends Actually Make Sense




You know when you’re browsing kitchen trends but every other suggestion feels like it’s not meant for you? Aesthetics are great… but is that everything? We beg to differ. That’s because we have a list of kitchen trends that actually combine form with function, showing that it’s never necessary to choose either style or substance when you can easily have both!



Kitchens trends might seem elusive and ever-changing to some but they keep us in the kitchen industry on alert. A kitchen trend can be anything – from colors to hardware – but what matters at the end of the day is functionality. So when you start your next kitchen renovation, our selection of kitchen trends could make your life a bit easier. 



Pantry cupboards


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Pantry cupboards have established themselves as one of the must-have items in modern homes. “Storage has really come into focus as people have spent more time at home during the pandemic,” says Liza Hausman, vice president of Industry Marketing at Houzz. So if you thought at some point that having a pantry is old-fashioned, it’s not. Shaker pantry cabinet comes in a variety of sizes but a 30 inch wide pantry cabinet is everything one family needs.



Islands with built-in storage


island with storage
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According to Houzz, nearly all homeowners who add or upgrade an island (98%) include at least some storage. The most popular island storage choice is cabinets with doors (76%), followed closely by cabinets with drawers (74%). 




Induction cooktops


induction cooktops
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Induction cooktops are now trending as a fast, safe, and pleasing way to prepare food. Induction burners utilize little heat so cramped kitchens will stay cool and cooking surfaces will remain safe to touch. Plus, induction stove tops eliminate the need for a large range hood, freeing the large space for creative design possibilities.




Subway tiles


subway tiles
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Subway tiles are among the most popular trends we see in new kitchens and for a good reason. They look clean, are easy to install, and have stood the test of time as a feature in homes and public spaces for over a century. If you’d like to instantly brighten your kitchen, now you know what to do. And if you already have them, know that you’re
in good company as more and more homeowners are integrating them into their designs.




LED lighting


led lighting
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Thanks to ever-changing technology, LED lighting has lost its chilly, unfriendly look. One trend trend in innovative lighting focuses on installing LED lighting on the island, which is frequently a central feature in a kitchen configuration.




Drawer storage


drawer storage
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Three drawer base cabinets make cooking and storage effortless. They’re more accessible than base cabinets with single or double doors. Integrating efficient storage into a beautiful kitchen design is a step you shouldn’t skip in your kitchen planning. A 36 base drawer cabinet is all you need!





skaker kitchen
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Kitchen trends can about more than just style. Data analysis suggests that homeowners are looking to improve functionality, maintenance, and storage. If you have already implemented some of these trends, tell us more about it in the comments below. And if you still need to make the best out of your kitchen, contact our professionals for an improved, free 3D design of your existing kitchen.