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    The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

    The cabinets in your kitchen, laundry room or bathroom can serve different purposes, which is why it’s important to find the right hinges for the job. Their style and functionality hugely affect the appearance and performance of your cabinets and doors.



    Kitchen cabinet hinges
    There are so many hinge styles and we will help you choose the perfect ones
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    So if you’re looking to change things up or even make repairs and are wondering how to install hinges on kitchen cabinets, This guide will walk you through all the different styles of cabinet hinges so you don’t have to feel overwhelmed when choosing the perfect ones. Let’s learn together!

    The Anatomy of Cabinet Hinges

    Let’s take a look at parts that make up a hinge. They might vary depending on different styles and types of hinges, but they still perform the same functions.


    Parts of hinges

    Cabinet Hinge Anatomy

    Source: The Hardware Hut


    Frame wing: Part of the hinge that attaches to the cabinet frame.

    Door wing: Part of the hinge that attaches to the cabinet door.

    Knuckle: Connects the frame wing and door wing and allows rotation.

    Pin: Holds the hinge together.


    Different hinges serve different purposes. Heavy-duty hinges can usually be found in industrial settings as they can hold more weight than regular ones. Self-closing hinges can be found in gym lockers, bathrooms and sometimes kitchens. Soft-closing hinges require some pressure to push the door closed. Hidden hinges are invisible from the cabinet’s outside. Demountable hinges are easy to take apart without removing any hardware. There are also ornamental hinges that serve a decorative purpose.


    Common hinge finishes include chrome, stainless steel, steel, brass, copper, nickel, black and white. Now that we understand the basics of kitchen cabinet hinges, let’s take a closer look at the most popular options.

    European Hinges

    European hinges, also sometimes called invisible or concealed hinges can help homeowners achieve the perfect look for their kitchen cabinets. European-type of hinges are installed on the interior of the cabinet and concealed when the door is closed. They come in many different sizes, offer greater room for adjustments and can support heavier doors.



    Nelson Cabinetry offers high-quality cabinets at wholesale prices with pre-installed European concealed hinges. We took care of it so you won’t have to worry or spend time finding and installing the perfect hinges.

    Surface Mount Hinges

    Surface mount hinges, also known as frameless or side hinges, are a common type of hinges found on kitchen cabinets. They are easy to install because you won’t have to create a hole. Since they are highly visible, surface mount hinges are often used for decorative purposes.


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    Flush Hinges


    Flush hinges are only partially visible from the outside. They have a wing that attaches to the back of the door and another wing that wraps around the cabinet frame or face frame, and then inside the cabinet. This type of hinge will provide you with stability as it can support heavier doors. Use them for the semi-concealed look but with added support.

    Butt Hinges


    Butt hinges are made of two mounting wings and a plate, and they are somewhat similar to flush hinges. Just like flush hinges, this type of hinge also has two sides that spread out; both sides connect to the joint, allowing them to move freely. Butt hinges are a great choice for simple installation and if you’re trying to achieve a traditional look.

    Strap Hinges


    Strap hinges mount on the outside of your kitchen cabinets. They can be either long or short to fit the size and weight of your cabinet doors. Strap hinges are usually only used on the face frame cabinet type.

    Barrel Hinges


    Barrel hinges stay hidden so you won’t see them from the outside of the kitchen cabinets. They are usually used for woodwork projects but you can also use them on cabinet doors. If you want to achieve a hinge-free look, barrel hinges are a good choice.

    Things to Consider When Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

    Before making a choice, there are some important things you need to consider. The hinge type you use must match the cabinet door style. For inset doors, the best choices are European hinges or butt hinges. For full or partial overlay doors, we recommend using European or surface mount hinges.


    White kitchen cabinets hinges

    Concealed hinges are a great pair with white kitchen cabinets

    Source: ABC Action News


    The choice also comes down to your personal preferences. Decide if you want your hinges to be exposed or concealed. For white kitchen cabinets, we recommend using European-style hinges to achieve a minimalistic but elegant look.


    Accurate measurements of your doors are crucial for placing hinges on your cabinets. To measure the overlay, place the cabinet door where it will go once you install the hinges. Place a piece of tape from the door to the frame, almost like a makeshift hinge. Then, open the door and measure the distance from the edge of the tape to the opening of the cabinet.


    Proper care for your kitchen cabinet hinges is recommended. If your cabinets get squeaky, use lube as a simple fix. However, if your hinges are worn-out you might need to replace them. Fortunately, that can be a simple DIY project.



    Final Thoughts


    Now that we understand the anatomy of cabinet hinges and the different styles they come in, we are one step closer to choosing the perfect ones for our kitchen cabinets. Before making a purchase, take into consideration the design of your kitchen and what kind of style are you trying to achieve with cabinet hinges – modern or traditional? Good luck!

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