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The Most Popular Cabinet Wood Species

Choosing a particular wood species will change the overall aesthetic of your kitchen design. But you also have to think about the external factors that may affect the look of your cabinets over time. This includes chemical exposure, stovetops, proximity to windows, etc.
If you want a quality cabinet finish you should choose a durable cabinet type to extend the life of your cabinets. Take some time and discover the different features of these wood species.

Cherry wood cabinets


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Cherry wood is a smooth hardwood with a uniform grain known for its rich character. This material is a go-to for people who like a more traditional look. It’s durable and long-lasting. The color is usually dark, but it may have areas that are golden, green, and even gray. Their higher price promises you a lifetime value, with extreme durability that seldom chips or dents. But, don’t be surprised by the darkening of these cabinets as they age. Overall, cherry wood can give your kitchen a warm personality.

→ This material absorbs most stains well, but mahogany and walnut shades tend to pair best.

Maple wood cabinets


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Maple wood is a smooth-textured hardwood.
These cabinets are known for their durability, fine texture, and smooth grain. The color range varies from a creamy white to a light brown. Mineral streaking, curling grain, or bird’s eye dots sometimes may be found on maple wood cabinets. This type is best for modern kitchen designs.


→ Maple wood takes a stain well, but the same piece of maple will have different areas of density which can absorb a stain differently.

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Oakwood cabinets


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This was the cabinet of choice in the 1970s up through the 1990s. It made a comeback antique look “distresses” options available today. It’s very durable and affordable, and easy to clean. It’s a popular choice for cabinets. The open grain of oak accepts stains well and reveals the natural beauty of the grain patterns. Flame-like patterns go well with rustic and traditional homes, while lighter-honey stains go well with contemporary kitchens.


→ Treat oakwood cabinets with darker stains to amplify the grain for a deep brown or black appearance.

Bamboo wood cabinets


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Bamboo wood has many similar characteristics to hardwoods. The difference is that bamboo is a species of grass as opposed to wood from a tree. Its boards are assembled from stalks cut into strips and laminated together. The orientation of the strips it’s what helps to get that vertical graining. It’s an eco-friendly option. Bamboo’s surfaces easily resist dents, chips, and dings. It’s very hard and durable, and it wears well in even the most raucous environments. Bamboo wood has a beautiful amber color that adds an airy and modern look to kitchens.


→ Bamboo cabinets are resistant to climate change and won’t expand or contract like wood.

Hickory wood cabinets


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Hickory wood has a distinctive look with prominent grain patterns and dramatic color variations. Colors range from light creams to dark browns that appear within the same panel. They are an affordable counterpart to cherry wood and give a rustic aesthetic. Mineral streaks and random knots are naturally occurring in hickory wood and give that impeccable look. This high-quality wood can last for decades, and it falls at the lower end of the wood species price range for cabinets.


→ Proper care of the drawer pulls and cabinet handles can prevent premature wear of the finish.

Pinewood cabinets


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Pinewood cabinets are eco-friendly and very affordable, and this is one reason why they’re so popular. This light-colored material absorbs both natural and dark stains. Graining and knots of pine usually persist after staining. The aesthetic of pine wood cabinets can work well in contemporary kitchens as it pairs well with modern hardware and countertops.


→ You should apply several coats of stain to get the desired look because pine absorbs liquids quickly.

Medium-density fiberboard cabinet

Medium-density fiberboard cabinets (MDF) may not be a wood species, but they certainly deserve mention. It’s an affordable alternative to solid wood. It’s made from very fine wood particles and has no noticeable grain, which provides a smoother finish and thus easier painting. Even with extreme temperature changes, MDF doesn’t crack. But be careful with the core materials since they can be irreparably damaged if exposed to extreme heat.


→ Since it has no graining, this material is ideal for cutting with a jigsaw for creating embellishments.


Engineered exotic wood veneers

Zebra wood

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This gives an exotic look with its vivid grain pattern. The color is golden-yellow with bold stripes going from dark brown to almost black. The texture is very smooth and can mellow as it lightens with age.


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Its tight grain pattern consists of a warm brown-hued heartwood with a distinctively dark hue. The vibrant coloring gives it a unique style.


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This material has a consistent smooth texture. The color is usually medium brown-gray streaked with straight black grain. It mellows by lightning with age or exposure to sunlight.


Our cabinet features include a solid wood frame, a grade “A” plywood cabinet box, premium hinges, and easy assembly. Nelson Cabinetry’s wood base cabinets also come with finished cabinet sides and interior as well as a fully finished toe kick.

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