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The History of RTA Cabinets

In our everyday lives, it’s easy to take all the inventions surrounding us for granted. Although most of our attention tends to be focused on innovations in computer technology and cars, we greatly benefit from developments in furniture, appliances, and so much more. In this post we’ll be taking a look at how RTA cabinets have evolved so as to make easy and affordable kitchen design a reality for more and more people with each passing year.

Ready-to-Assemble Furniture

RTA design actually dates back to the nineteenth century, although it wasn’t until the late twentieth century that it converged with developments in cabinetry. Some people believe that the first item of RTA furniture was what is called the “Number 14 chair,” designed by Michael Thonet in 1859. These chairs are the classic bistro-style chairs associated with French cafés and, thanks to its affordability, attractive design, and transportability, was one of the top-selling chairs ever produced. In the early twentieth century, RTA furniture expanded beyond chairs and a company called Home Art Masters featured a catalog that customers could consult to have furniture kits delivered. It may come as no surprise that RTA furniture really took off when a Swedish worker at IKEA named Gillis Lundgren helped the company branch out into delivering furniture kits in the 1950s.

History of Cabinets

The built-in cabinets that most of us are familiar with today are actually a pretty recent invention. Before the First World War, there were some cupboards located in kitchens, but food and utensils were generally stored in pantries. Most homes at this time didn’t have refrigerators, so perishable items needed to be purchased on a regular basis. Built-in cabinets started to appear in Europe in the 1920s and then started to appear in homes across the globe.

A New Innovation: RTA Cabinets

As both RTA furniture and cabinetry evolved over the course of the twentieth century, more and more customers started to turn from pre-assembled cabinets or custom cabinetry to flat-pack cabinets that they could assemble themselves. Thanks especially to the ease of assembly and the satisfaction that comes along with a do-it-yourself project that is also beneficial in terms of financial savings, RTA cabinets became increasingly popular towards the end of the twentieth century and cabinetmakers started to pay even more attention to quality and design. Thanks to these advances, medium density fiberboard (MDF) was starting to be phased out in favor of hard wood and plywood. In addition to changes in the materials used for cabinets, companies offering RTA cabinets also began to provide a greater range of styles and colors in order to meet increasing customer demand.


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RTA Cabinets in the Internet Age


The latest development in RTA cabinets is the online presence of cabinetmakers who make buying kitchen cabinets online the easy, budget-friendly option for homeowners who are interested in high-quality, highly functional, and easy-to-maintain cabinets. The principle is, in fact, really a twenty-first century version of the earliest catalogs that made it possible for people to order furniture from a catalog. The difference today, however, is that when you buy cabinets online, there are countless options to choose from—not just one catalog that arrives in the mail, but an almost endless variety of suppliers, styles, and colors. Shipping is, of course, much faster than it was back when Thonet’s chair was first introduced in the nineteenth century. Another new development that benefits customers shopping for RTA kitchen cabinets online is that they can take advantage of 3D kitchen design to see what the cabinets will look like in their own home.



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