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Ten Reasons Why People Like RTA Cabinets


Gone are the days where you needed to be an expert in woodwork before you could assemble a ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinet. Contemporary RTA cabinets are constructed to appeal to a wide variety of homeowners that prioritize their spending habits but still desire good quality products. The surge in popularity  that RTA cabinetry has experienced in recent years is no coincidence and is the  result of the following characteristics that have enhanced their appeal to home renovators in search of value for money.  



  1. They’re affordable 

Best RTA cabinets typically cost less than their pre-assembled equivalents as they do not incur the costs of labor required to assemble cabinets on site. The buyer installs and assembles the cabinet themselves at no extra labor expense.  




  1. There are many different styles available 

The range of styles in which RTA cabinets are currently available is almost  unlimited. In the past, the design options for RTA cabinetry were restricted  according to what was on offer at the time. Times have, however, changed and whether you favor glass cabinet doors or open shelving – there is an RTA cabinet design to suit your style.  




  1. They are easier to ship 

Most big-box or online retailers have the option to either pick up RTA cabinets via instore or warehouse or ship them to your home or business. RTA cabinets are typically packed in flat packs, whereas pre-assembled cabinets are packed in boxes. Flat packs occupy less volume than boxes, so they are easier to ship. 





  1. You can buy them online 

Buying cabinets online is more convenient for homeowners as they don’t have to deal with the crowds and the inconveniences of buying cabinets from brick-and-mortar stores.  




  1. They’re fun to assemble 

Painting your unfinished cabinets or assembling your RTA cabinets is an activity that can involve the whole family. Mixing colors and installing cabinets is an enjoyable experience, and even more so when you think about the hard-earned cash that you are saving.  


  1. They’re versatile 

The versatility of RTA cabinets is one of their prized characteristics. Whatever design you have in mind for your kitchen, you can select a style of RTA  cabinets to fit its aesthetic.  




  1. They’re good quality 

Like any kitchen cabinet, the RTA version can vary widely in quality levels.  You can generally, however, obtain top-notch RTA products made with the  finest materials. The better RTA models include superior components like dovetail drawers, soft-close hinges, and hardwood doors and drawer fronts.  Many pre-assembled cabinets use cheaper materials throughout, such as particle board instead of plywood. This difference can make a lasting impact on the lifespan of the cabinets. Drawers can warp or stick, boxes sag, and shoddy materials are easily damaged. This results in a kitchen that will quickly lose its luster.  




  1. Shorter lead time 

The lead time for cabinetry differs according to the amount of labor that is required. RTA cabinets, therefore, have a shorter lead time in comparison to pre-assembled cabinets that entail the utilization of additional labor to assemble the cabinets.  




  1. You can buy them wholesale  

Buying cabinets in bulk can reduce your expenditure as the costs are cheaper per unit. If you have a large volume of cabinets to purchase then buying them wholesale can save you money.  


  1. Deliver to your door  

Receiving a flat pack of RTA cabinets to your doorstep is a benefit that is hard to beat. The convenience is immeasurable, and makes RTA cabinets a must have choice for cabinetry.  


Buying RTA cabinets has a wealth of benefits. However, purchasing your  cabinets from a reputable manufacturer is essential for ensuring that you are receive a product that has been assembled with optimal care. Dial 832-998-6598  to receive a FREE consultation with premium retailer Nelson Cabinetry that will make RTA cabinets even easier to like.



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