7 Great Ideas for Maximizing Your Small Kitchen’s Efficiency

Blessed with a small kitchen? Amazing! Let’s learn how to properly use it to its maximum. A tight space can work quite well when you use the right storage. Your kitchen should work in your favor, whether it’s big or small. So, it’s time to break from the typical template and add to your kitchen […]

The Lazy Susan in Cabinetry: An Ingenious American Invention

Americans are the masters of convenience and invention – often the two go hand-in-hand, as is the case with the Lazy Susan used in kitchen cabinetry.   When getting into the history of this innovative kitchen design, it’s important to distinguish the several different kinds of Lazy Susans. There are those that are to be […]

Six Pointers for Making a Small Kitchen Look and Feel More Spacious

Whether you live in a small apartment with limited square footage or a compact home that requires creative solutions to your spatial needs, keep the following pointers in mind for making the most of out of your kitchen space. Take Advantage of Light Natural light will brighten up your kitchen area and also make it […]

Need to Knows for Kitchen Cabinet Remodel Projects in 2023

Whether this is your first cabinet remodel project or you already have a few remodel projects under your belt, the following list is an excellent reference for finding out what the essentials of kitchen cabinet remodel are today. Remodelling is a huge undertaking that can be costly and stressful, but it has the potential to […]

Learn the Language of Kitchen Cabinetry

Parlez-vous cabinetry? The language of cabinetry is relatively straightforward but the meanings behind the terms aren’t always immediately obvious. When designing your dream kitchen, it is important to be familiar with the language of cabinetry. This will help you communicate your vision more effectively with your cabinetry professional. Below, find a quick reference for some […]

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