Swap or Keep your Bathroom Double Vanity?



If you’re having second thoughts these days about keeping or eliminating your second sink so you can have more space, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are three things to think about that will help you find your answer.


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What are you aiming for?


If you have a large bathroom space already and keeping your double vanity won’t affect your storage and moving space, then what’s your overall vision? Also, think about any future moves. We usually remodel our home before selling it; so we have to think about the things that can increase our resale value. It’s common sense that double-vanity bathrooms are much more desirable not just for your  use but for your home’s resale value as well.


Think about your space


To understand this better, usually, a double vanity will fit in a 48” wide space. But, the problem with this is that it will take almost all your counter space or drawer space because of the plumbing under the sink. On the other hand, a 60” vanity will give you around 12” of counter space and the same for a set of drawers between the sinks. That still isn’t enough space if you’re in need for more storage. Only with 72” or more will you have extensive counter and drawer space.


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Think about your patterns


Think about some basic things. Are you single? Or are you living with your partner?If you’re single, you probably won’t need a double vanity in your bathroom and you’ll have more storage space for your items. But, if you have a partner living with you, then there are other things to consider. Are you using both of your sinks at the same time? Maybe you’ll want to brush your teeth at the same time as your partner and you don’t have enough time to take turns. Also, think about cleaning. Does your partner leave everything around the sink? Here comes the problem with space for other products. You can either count on your partner to clean after themselves, or you can give up on some of your products so your sink area is clean and uncluttered. Or you can swap your double vanity for more storage space. Often, a vanity with one sink in the middle with a larger mirror is the best solution. This will give you a set of drawers on each side, plus the double counter and storage space.


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Keep in mind that there’s no right or wrong answer, there’s only one that’s best for you. List your priorities and you’ll get your answer.


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