When I receive delivery, what if something on my order is damaged​ or missing​?​

It is very important to look for any damages to the outside of the boxes upon your delivery. If any damages are visible, mark this on the shipping paperwork the driver has and be sure they sign and give you a copy (do not refuse any damaged items).​ Please also take a photo documenting the way the shipment was received.​ Many times the contents will not be damaged even if the box is, but if you find any parts of the cabinets to be damaged, please report it immediately to NelsonKB.com​ ​prior to assembly (unless the item shipped pre-assembled)​.​ ​​You will have​ ​5 days to open all cabinet/accessory boxes and inspect for any damages, defects, or missing items.

If there are freight damages, please hold on to the damaged items until the freight company concludes the claim process. This will not delay the processing and shipment of your replacement parts, however in order for us to file a claim with the freight company for any damages that incurred in transit, they retain the right to inspect the damaged items at their request. Damaged items should be kept until we notify you that they can be disposed of, for some carriers, this can be up to 120 days from the day the claim is made. Please do not dispose of any damages before given permission to do so, if a carrier requests to see damages and they’re no longer available, you may be responsible for paying for the replacement parts that were shipped out.