Do you have an overview of how to accept and inspect delivery?


Once your order has arrived at the carrier’s location in your area, one of their representatives will contact you to schedule a delivery date and time.

We recommend that at least 2 people be present at time of delivery since our cabinets are solid and heavy!

There should be no external damage to the packages. You are responsible for inspecting the freight for external damage while the driver is still present.  

In the event of damage, you must make note with the delivery driver. Please note the damage on the delivery receipt and contact us immediately.  If parts appear to be missing please contact us immediately. We will ship any missing part(s) in a timely manner. Inspection consists of boxes that show obvious breakage, tears or rips in the outer packaging.

If you find any freight damage after the driver leaves it is your responsibility to file a claim with the freight company.

If the delivery driver refuses your inspection of shipment, please note the following on the delivery receipt:
“POSSIBLE CONCEALED DAMAGE, DRIVER WILL NOT ALLOW ME TO EXAMINE FREIGHT” then sign where required. We recommend taking a photo of this signed portion for your records.

Acceptance of shipment and signing the delivery receipt by you or your representative/s is an acknowledgment that your merchandise was delivered in a satisfactory condition and you are releasing the freight company and from all damage claims.