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Top 10 Small Kitchen Trends for 2023

If you’re looking to give your kitchen a quick facelift or just want to keep up with the times, we’ve got you covered! In this blog post, we cover the top 10 small kitchen trends for 2023 that are sure to inspire and add some pizzazz to your cooking space.


From clever storage solutions and multi-functional appliances to sleek minimalist lines and colorful accents – these latest trends will help transform any size kitchen into an efficient, stylish work of art. So grab yourself a cup of coffee (or glass of wine!) and let’s dive in while finding out what’s hot in the world of small kitchens today.

White Cabinets

White shaker cabinets
Timeless white shaker cabinets are the perfect way to spruce up any kitchen.


White cabinets are a timeless classic when it comes to small kitchens. They’re such a popular option in part because of their versatility; white goes well with almost any decor, from modern vibes to vintage aesthetics. But even beyond that, white cabinets make small spaces look bigger, an evergreen benefit for those of us who get a bit nervous just stepping foot into a cramped kitchen.


Plus, if you place colorful accents against the bright backdrop of white cabinets – think hues like sky blue or pastel pink – the effect is truly amazing. In short: if you want to give your small kitchen some big design personality, white cabinets really should be your first choice.

Multifunctional Appliances

Source: Forbes


Gone are the days of sacrificing one appliance for another; now, ovens have built-in microwaves, refrigerators come with food freezers on the bottom, and counter-top espresso machines can provide both cappuccinos and espressos – no Italian grandmother required!


For those who really want to maximize their small kitchen space, there are even ovens and stoves that operate through contactless technology, allowing for automation and extra convenience. There’s no stopping what multifunctional appliances can do for your limited kitchen real estate. Bon Appétit!

Corner Cabinets

Lazy Susan vs Blind Corner Cabinet Infographic
Lazy Susan vs Blind Corner Cabinet Infographic


A trend that is getting more and more popular in small kitchens is making use of corners with cabinets. Corner cabinets are the perfect way to facilitate more storage and organization in a limited space. Not only do they provide unforeseen levels of countertop space, but they also allow you to store frequently used items much closer at hand.


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Gray Cabinets

Nelson Cabinetry Gray Shaker L-Shape Kitchen Collection with Wall Open End Shelf and Decorative Base Wall Panels
Nelson Cabinetry Gray Shaker L-Shape Kitchen Collection with Wall Open End Shelf and Decorative Base Wall Panels


Homeowners who prefer a modern look to their space are increasingly turning towards gray kitchen cabinets as the latest trend. There’s no denying that a sea of neutrally colored cabinets can leave a sense of spaciousness in smaller kitchens and create a sleek, contemporary look.


Not to mention the versatility that comes with choosing such an all-purpose hue – the evergreen color adapts to many different design styles, adding sophistication and character while emphasizing silver or gold accessories. Gray kitchen cabinets make it simple to go bold without going overboard!

Open Shelves

Nelson Cabinetry White Shaker Kitchen Collection with Wall Open End Shelf
Nelson Cabinetry White Shaker Kitchen Collection with Wall Open End Shelf


If you’ve ever been in the middle of making dinner, only to realize that you left the seasoning on the top shelf of a cabinet four feet up and no step-stool in sight, then you know how frustrating it can be to rummage around in a small kitchen.


Enter open shelves – the hottest trend for small kitchens. Open shelves allow you to maximize your limited space without having to worry about how high or low to mount something in order for it to be conveniently accessible.


No need for balancing precariously on chairs and counters: with open shelves, everything is right there at eye-level. And hey – if you want to show off that collection of artisanal salts and rare spices, what better way than with an open shelving unit? Let your guests admire and envy, while you relax knowing that even if they all left early you could still easily get at what you need!

Glass Backsplash

Glass backsplash
Not only is it easy to clean and stylish, but glass allows light to bounce around the space making it appear larger.


Adding a modern touch to any kitchen, glass backsplashes are quickly becoming the hottest trend among homeowners. This sleek addition breaks away from traditional tiles and brings an elegant and luxurious feel; a contemporary that can upgrade any small kitchen. Plus, there are so many colors and styles to choose from when it comes to designing the perfect glass backsplash – you’ll be surprised at how much you can really do to customize your space!

Glass Door Cabinets

glass doors
Glass door cabinets have quickly become a key feature in any modern kitchen


Glass door cabinets are quickly becoming a must-have in the modern small kitchen. With expansive window frames, an open pantry, and/or a show-stopping display shelf with glass doors, it’s more than just incredible storage; it’s also an über-stylish feature that packs a punch.


Whether you’re adding to existing décor or starting anew, there’s something about having everything on full display that puts us all in the mood for minimalist design. Who needs bulky pieces when you can get the same effect from sleek glass shelves that let everyone know your got style?


Glass door cabinets call to action

DIY Kitchen Island

Creating a kitchen island is easier than it seems.


If you’re looking to get a little creative in your kitchen, then you should certainly consider your own DIY Kitchen Island. Every inch of a small kitchen counts, but if designed properly and cleverly, a DIY Island can maximize the space without compromising on style.


Not only can you pick out the perfect size for your space, but even customize with open shelving or cupboards to store cook books, tableware and other essentials. Plus, the look can be as unique as you’d like! From repurposing old furniture to customizing it with paint, fabric or accessories – let your inner designer loose in your kitchen!

Farmhouse Sink

farmhouse sink
The farmhouse sink is no longer just for the countryside – it’s hitting the kitchen scene in a big way!


When it comes to small kitchen trends, there’s no denying that a farmhouse sink is certainly making waves. Not only does the double-basin design free up counter space while allowing for more efficient dishwashing and veggie prepping, a farmhouse sink also adds old-world charm to any kitchen.


It’s no surprise that this timeless style has shown new life in popularity among modern kitchens. Plus, with its spacious build, even the clumsiest of cooks can keep their cleanliness goals on track without breaking (a dish) a sweat. When remodeling your small kitchen, consider taking things back to nature with an ageless slant – in the form of a farmhouse sink!

Choose Neutral Colors

Neutral kitchen palette
If you’re looking to upgrade your small kitchen, why not start by selecting a neutral color scheme?


Choosing white, cream, beige, or gray as the dominant hues can help create an airy atmosphere that will make your kitchen feel more spacious. Adding in a few accent colors is a great way to add personality and flair without sacrificing the light and bright look that neutrals provide.


Plus, with so many new and interesting materials available these days, from engineered quartz countertops to matte-finish stainless steel appliances and even 3D-printed tile, you’ll be able to give your mini-kitchen an on-trend upgrade without committing to a bold and flashy palette.



Despite the fact that kitchen design trends don’t really ‘expire’, it’s always exciting to see what new innovations come in to replace its stale predecessors. The top 10 small kitchen trends featured for 2023 are no exception, ranging from functional space-saving solutions to fun customisations to fit each individual lifestyle. Whether you crave an open concept or minimalist aesthetic, contact us for a free 3D kitchen design and visualize your kitchen before you spend a dime!

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