Six Pointers for Making a Small Kitchen Look and Feel More Spacious


Whether you live in a small apartment with limited square footage or a compact home that requires creative solutions to your spatial needs, keep the following pointers in mind for making the most of out of your kitchen space.


Take Advantage of Light

Natural light will brighten up your kitchen area and also make it more cheerful and welcoming. To allow for the most possible sunlight, opt for minimal window treatments. Think simple wooden blinds, sheer curtains, or Roman shades that give you the right amount of privacy when you want it but can also be adjusted to allow for direct light. If you’re in for even more of a remodel, look into the possibility of adding a skylight. This will open the ceiling up and give the impression of even more space.


Experiment with White and Neutrals

When considering your color palette, remember that white and lighter shades do wonders to open up a room. This interior decorating rule of thumb actually has a scientific reason: whereas white reflects light, darker colors absorb it. Having white walls or appliances will increase the amount of light that is reflected in the kitchen, which makes the space look bigger. Opting for white cabinetry or gray Shaker kitchen cabinets like those proudly offered by Nelson Cabinetry is a great place to start for a neutral palette that is inviting, timeless, and versatile.


Connect to the Outside

A door connecting to the outside is an excellent option especially for entertaining, since it is more conducive to an easy flow of traffic. One of the best ways to make your kitchen seem bigger is to ensure that people can come and go easily, and a configuration with an outlet to the exterior is a safeguard against feeling boxed in. If this isn’t an option for you, just a window overlooking a garden space, yard, or greenery can make the kitchen seem more expansive and ensure that it never feels crowded.


Step Up Your Storage Game

Making your kitchen look and feel spacious isn’t just at what you see on the surface – think about how spacious it is at the level of your storage, too. Make the most of blind corners with pull-outs, ensuring that you’re utilizing every last precious square inch. Look into lazy susan cabinet options, for example, or blind corner wall cabinet solutions. A wall corner cabinet is another possibility for ensuring that you have easy access to your pots, pans, utensils, and other storage.


Patterned Flooring

Creating illusions of space is all about playing with visuals. Although brighter colors on the walls can increase the amount of light, darker floors can add depth and with certain patterns in particular, it’s possible to make the floors look wider. Stripes and diamond patterns, by drawing the eye from one side to the other, give the impression of an elongated floor space and an overall bigger kitchen area.


Elevate with Vertical Thinking

There are two main advantages to thinking vertically: first, making the most of counter space and streamlining the horizontal field gives a greater sense of room, and secondly, as the eye moves upwards, there’s an even greater impression of more room. Consider locating the microwave not on the countertop but rather higher up, or even as a part of a unit nestled within a double oven cabinet. Kitchen pantry storage units, available in three heights from Nelson, also enable you to find practical ways to arrange your kitchen wares and make the most of your kitchen’s vertical dimensions.

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