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Single Oven vs Double Oven: Which Is Right for Your Kitchen?

Deciding between a single oven and a double oven is not a choice to be taken lightly. With kitchen space at a premium and the culinary demands of modern life, the decision can impact your cooking efficiency and the overall functionality of your kitchen. Each one offers a set of unique advantages and potential disadvantages that could cater to your household’s specific needs. Whether you’re a culinary aficionado or a busy parent, we’ll break down the benefits and drawbacks to help you make the right choice for upgrading your kitchen.

Single Oven vs Double Oven Size Comparison

When deciding between a single and double oven, their physical dimensions and how they integrate into your kitchen’s layout are crucial. Single ovens, with an average width of 60 cm, are designed to fit seamlessly into most standard kitchen designs. They provide a compact option without sacrificing internal cooking space, catering well to the majority of household cooking needs.


Single oven vs double oven size comparison


On the other hand, double ovens require more vertical space, typically standing at about 90 cm tall. Although their width may be similar to single ovens, at an average of 60 cm, their increased height necessitates a designated cabinetry cut-out. This might pose a challenge in smaller or custom-designed kitchens. The size difference implies that double ovens may not fit as universally as single ovens, prompting a careful examination of your kitchen’s existing layout and any potential remodeling requirements.

Choosing between the two is a matter of weighing the need for greater cooking capacity against the practicalities of kitchen space and design. Whether you choose the compact efficiency of a single oven or the versatile capacity of a double oven, the decision will have a significant impact on your kitchen’s functionality and aesthetic.

Is a Single Oven Enough?

The capacity of a single oven should not be underestimated. Modern single ovens are designed with efficiency and flexibility in mind, often equipped with multiple racks and settings that accommodate different cooking methods simultaneously. This can mean baking a pie while roasting vegetables, without transfer of flavours or compromise on quality.

Nelson Cabinetry White Shaker Kitchen Oven Cabinet
Nelson Cabinetry White Shaker Kitchen Oven Cabinet

The space efficiency of a single oven also means it integrates well into any kitchen, regardless of size. For those with smaller living spaces or minimalist kitchen designs, the single oven is a logical choice. It offers a balance of functionality and style without demanding significant compromises on space or design aesthetics.

For individuals or small families, the everyday practicality of a single oven often aligns perfectly with their cooking needs. It provides enough room to prepare meals that satisfy without leaving a surplus of unused space that a double oven might. This efficiency extends to energy usage, as heating a smaller space tends to require less energy, contributing to lower utility bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

However, those who find themselves frequently hosting large gatherings or have a keen interest in exploring more complex culinary projects might find the single oven restrictive. In such cases, considering future needs and potential lifestyle changes is crucial before making a decision.

Are Double Ovens Out of Style?

The reality is that double ovens are far from being outdated; in fact, they are often considered a desirable feature in modern kitchens. Their popularity is sustained by the undeniable functional benefits they offer, especially to those who love cooking or regularly entertain large groups.

Double ovens contribute to a kitchen’s efficiency by allowing for the simultaneous preparation of multiple dishes at different temperatures. This can be a game-changer during holidays, gatherings, or for meal-prep aficionados who value time and precision in their culinary ventures. Furthermore, with the rise of open-plan homes and kitchens that double as social spaces, the appeal of double ovens as a means to facilitate socializing without compromising on meal preparation is evident.

Design-wise, double ovens have also evolved. Manufacturers now offer sleek, integrated models that can seamlessly blend into or even enhance a kitchen’s aesthetic. From stainless steel finishes that exude a professional look, to models that can be hidden behind cabinetry for a minimalist approach, double ovens can suit a variety of kitchen designs.

However, it’s essential to recognize that style and trends in kitchen appliances also reflect personal preference and lifestyle needs. While double ovens might be prized for their efficiency and capacity, some may prefer the simplicity and space-saving attributes of a single oven, especially in smaller kitchens or for those with a minimalistic approach to cooking.

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Is a Single Oven Better Than a Double Oven?

When choosing between a single and a double oven, several factors need to be considered to determine which is better suited for your needs. The perfect choice varies depending on cooking habits, kitchen space, and lifestyle. Below is a breakdown of key considerations:

  • Space Efficiency: Single ovens are ideal for those with limited kitchen space. They integrate seamlessly into any kitchen design, offering functionality without the need for significant space or layout alterations. In contrast, double ovens require more vertical space and may necessitate remodeling to fit into existing cabinetry.
  • Cooking Capacity and Flexibility: Double ovens shine when it comes to cooking capacity and flexibility. They allow for the preparation of multiple dishes at different temperatures, making them perfect for hosting large gatherings or for those who enjoy meal prepping. Single ovens, while efficient, may not meet the needs of those who frequently cook large or complex meals.
  • Energy Efficiency: Single ovens can be more energy-efficient, as heating a smaller compartment typically requires less energy. This can translate to lower utility bills and a reduced environmental impact over time.
  • Cost: Generally, single ovens are less expensive than their double counterparts, both in terms of initial purchase price and installation costs. This makes them a more budget-friendly option for those looking to maximize their kitchen functionality without a significant financial outlay.
  • Lifestyle Alignment: Ultimately, the choice between a single and double oven depends on your lifestyle and cooking needs. A single oven may suffice for individuals or small families with moderate cooking demands, while a double oven could be a better fit for avid cooks or those who entertain often.

Discover the Best Oven Cabinets at Nelson Cabinetry

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect housing for your single or double oven, look no further than Nelson Cabinetry. Known for their exceptional quality and stylish designs, Nelson Cabinetry offers a range of oven cabinets that cater to the needs of every homeowner.

Blue shaker oven cabinet paired with overhead bridge cabinets
Blue shaker oven cabinet paired with overhead bridge cabinets

Whether you’re looking to save space with a compact single oven cabinet or need the versatility and capacity of a double oven cabinet, Nelson Cabinetry has options that will exceed your expectations. Their cabinets are designed with the modern kitchen in mind, blending seamlessly with both contemporary and traditional styles. Each piece showcases meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring not only an aesthetically pleasing addition to your kitchen but also a durable and long-lasting one.

Nelson Cabinetry Gray Shaker Kitchen Oven Cabinet
Nelson Cabinetry Gray Shaker Kitchen Oven Cabinet

Choosing Nelson Cabinetry means selecting from a variety of finishes and materials that match your kitchen’s theme and color scheme. Their customizable solutions mean you’re not just getting a cabinet; you’re getting a piece that’s tailored to fit your kitchen’s specific dimensions and your unique design preferences.


The debate between a single oven and a double oven is nuanced and depends on your lifestyle, culinary aspirations, kitchen space, and personal preferences. While a double oven can greatly enhance your cooking capabilities with its multitasking prowess, a single oven offers practicality and space-saving benefits for day-to-day life. Whichever you choose, it’s important to consider long-term needs and the overall functionality of your kitchen. Make your decision based on what best aligns with your cooking goals and the heart of your home – the kitchen.

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