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4 Tells If Your Cabinets Need to be Replaced Instead of Refaced

Cabinet refacing is one of the most popular home improvement projects. Like many other renovations, this project can increase your home’s value and improve the overall look of your kitchen. Depending on the extent of the cabinet refacing project, this may be a very affordable solution if you are looking to remodel your kitchen on a limited budget. However, there are times when cabinet refacing is not the best way to go. So how can you tell?


What are the differences between replacing and refacing kitchen cabinets?

Kitchen cabinet replacement is similar to remodeling your kitchen. You are improving or modernizing the look of your home by replacing old or outdated cabinets with new ones. You can also add innovative storage systems and choose from a variety of beautiful finishes to create the kitchen of your dreams.


Kitchen cabinet refacing, on the other hand, is a much less expensive option than replacement. Refacing involves removing your old doors and drawer fronts, replacing the core material if desired, and applying new doors and drawer fronts.


Here are four ways to tell if your cabinets need to be replaced or refaced:

Your Cabinets Are Damaged

If your cabinets have any damage, it’s better to go with a replacement. Refacing allows you to have a new look without the expense of replacing your cabinets. Be careful and make it last long, and pay attention to the repaired parts so they’re not visible.

If you have any broken doors or if the wood is warping, then replacement is a better option for you.



You want to redesign your kitchen in a new way.


Think of it this way: cabinets are one of the largest features in your kitchen. If you want to change their size, color, or design, you’re better off buying new ones. A full-scale renovation that includes new cabinets, countertops, and flooring is cheaper in the long run than a refacing project.


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Old Countertops

You don’t want to reface cabinets if your countertops are in bad shape or you plan on replacing them. Refacing won’t save you money in the long run if your countertops are breaking down or if you plan on doing an update later. In this case, replacement is a better solution.


Your Cabinets are in Poor Condition

Old cabinet boxes can be refaced, but if your cabinetry has seen better days, it may be worth upgrading to a completely new set. The stiles–the vertical pieces between the doors and drawer fronts–will become loose over time. The joints can also become loose, and the doors may no longer lay flat.


If you do a little exploration with your screwdriver, you’ll know whether to upgrade. If your cabinets have warped, rotted, or broken down, then replacement is a must. You can’t get a great new look with refacing and you wouldn’t want to put that much money into your cabinets when you are going to need to replace them in a few years.



In the end, the only person who knows whether your kitchen needs an upgrade is you. But don’t be afraid to use a little help from the experts. Of course, it wouldn’t be very wise to pay them a fortune just to get the answer: meh. Be mindful of this and use all the free resources available. Luckily, Nelson Cabinetry cares about its customers and offers a lot of different free options. Contact us today at
info@nelsonkb.com or call us at 832-998-6598. We’ll be more than happy to help you!


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