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Should You Buy Kitchen Cabinets in Wholesale?


Renovating your kitchen should be a joy, not a burden – especially when it  comes to choosing your kitchen cabinets. Unfortunately, money worries often  get the best of most homeowners as they struggle to make choices that fit their  budget requirements. Avoiding look at your rapidly reducing balance on your  bank statement should not be a consequence of a kitchen remodel. If you’re on  the market for multiple kitchen cabinets with a small budget then you should  consider buying wholesale. Purchasing wholesale kitchen cabinets has a  multitude of advantages which we will explore further.  



Great Savings  

There is no disputing the fact that buying in bulk saves you money. Wholesale  cabinets, therefore, offer you the best value for money because you are  obtaining retail quality items at lower prices. In fact, most cabinetry retailers  source their items from wholesale distributors, which they then sell to the public  at a mark-up. By purchasing your kitchen cabinets directly from the wholesaler,  you forgo the intermediary costs that drive up prices to the point that the  product becomes unaffordable. Going for a ready-to-assemble (RTA) option is  even more economical as labor costs are lowered dramatically.  



Shorter Lead Times 

Wholesale cabinets are delivered in no time at all because they are in stock and  ready to ship. You, therefore, do not still have to wait for the cabinets to be  manufactured – which can delay shipping by weeks or even months. Kitchen  remodels are generally time-intensive projects, so you should try and save time  where possible. Shipping and delivery times are dependent on the manufacturer,  that’s why it is so important that you choose a supplier that can ship top-quality  cabinets within a reasonable timeframe.  


Varied Selection  

When you view the range of kitchen cabinets at a retail store, you are only  seeing a tiny part of what is on offer in the cabinetry market. This is because  retailers order only a selection of items from the stock available for sale from  wholesalers. Wholesale stores, therefore, have a much more diverse range of  kitchen cabinet designs with rare styles and finishes that your neighbor most  definitely won’t have. For homeowners that like to be different from the rest, wholesalers have a distinct advantage over retailers when it comes to unique  and diverse stock.  


No Sacrificing Quality  

If wholesale cabinets are good enough for retailers then surely they are good  enough for customers who buy them directly too? With their reputations at  stake, retail stores and contractors only source their cabinets from wholesalers  whose kitchen cabinets are of the best quality. The assumption that because  wholesale cabinets cost less, that their quality is poor is inaccurate – the only  reason that they are inexpensive is because there is no middleman involved in  the process. What’s more, in the unfortunate case where there are any products  damaged during delivery, you are already in communication directly with the  supplier, so returns are easy and hassle-free to arrange.  



Quality is a massive consideration when buying kitchen cabinets. This is mainly because the better the quality of your cabinets, the longer they last. Nelson Cabinetry makes no concessions on quality with our premium all-wood constructed cabinets at the wholesale prices that we’ve been raving about. Consult with our specialists by calling 832-998-6598. Get dialing – it costs you absolutely nothing.


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